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Nigeria’s Ingenium Communications Expands Reach to UK

Nigeria’s Ingenium Communications Expands Reach to UK

Ingenium Communications has announced plans to extend its services into the United Kingdom.

It is one of the major marketing agencies in Africa, with headquarters in Nigeria.

Currently, Ingenium Communication operates in three African markets namely Ghanaian, Kenyan and Nigeria.

The agency will facilitate seamless collaboration, ensuring that brands can navigate and thrive in UK and Africa.

A Distinctive Approach

The agency will bring a distinctive approach to the UK considering its track record of success and innovation.

“We will serve our African clients effectively while fostering a synergistic relationship between two diverse yet interconnected markets,” said the agency.

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In the African market, Ingenium has a diverse portfolio, having served some of the leading brands in Africa.

Ingenium Partners Beyond Africa

They include but are not limited to KFC, Mara, Flutterwave, Opay, PalmPay, LG, ITV, and LipaLater.

Ingenium’s strategy is unique because of its bold move to expand its reach into Europe without affiliations with holding groups.

“We are excited to bring Ingenium’s unique perspective and creative solutions to the UK,” said Mukhtar Oyewo, Head of Growth at Ingenium Communications.

Market Restriction

The marketing agency will not limit its service to UK territory, said Oyewo, but also facilitate seamless connections between African markets and the UK brands.

It will strategically cater to the entire UK market, providing innovative marketing and communication solutions.

Ingenium Communications is a renowned marketing agency based in Nigeria, known for its innovative approaches, strategic communication, and successful brand positioning.

It is a holistic 360-degree agency, specializing in providing comprehensive marketing, design, production, and web development services to brands.

“Our expertise extends beyond borders, contributing to the success of businesses seeking a global impact,” says the agency on its website.