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Nairobi to Host the 6th Africa Tech Summit Edition

The 6th edition of the Africa Tech Summit is set to take place in Nairobi on the 14th – 15th February 2024. 

It will connect tech leaders from the African ecosystem and international players at the Sarit expo center in Nairobi.

More than 1,000 tech leaders, mobile network operators, financial institutions like the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the German Agency for International Development Cooperation (GIZ), CEOs, trade bodies, entrepreneurs, and top companies will attend the annual event.

The goal of the summit is to encourage investment and business growth in the African technology sector.

This year, the event will have four main parts – the Africa Money & DeFi Summit, the Africa Climate Tech & Investment Summit, the Africa Startup Summit, and The Africa Mobile & App Summit.

These sections will help people talk about different topics in the industry. The event also brings together over 1000 industry leaders, 700 companies, and 150 speakers. 

Moreover, there will be workshops, an expo, and a lot of chances to meet new people in the industry and build networks..

In Kenya’s capital, four big issues about technology will be talked about. One of them is how to get financing for new tech ideas that can help with climate change.

The two-day event will also have workshops about how mobile use is growing in Africa. 

Additionally, it will include new chances in FinTech (financial technology), Web3, and finance using decentralized systems (DeFi). 

They’ll also talk about using money for technology to fight climate change. Africa has more problems with climate change. 

They include less food from farming, people dying from droughts, and big floods happen because of climate change.

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Start-ups at the Africa Tech Summit Seeking Funding

The Africa Tech Summit is also intended as a showcase for start-ups seeking funding and support for their development, both in Africa and beyond. These start-ups need to raise between $500,000 and $15 million. 

More than 250 start-ups asked to join from different African countries, but they finally chose 10 start-ups from Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, and Uganda. 

These start-ups work on finance, farming, online shopping, new internet technology, and helping with climate problems.

They will talk about what they do to experts, investors, and other people who like new ideas during the summit.

One of them is Node Bio, which uses new plant science to make plants stronger against climate change in Kenya.

Another climate start-up coming to the Africa Tech Summit is Peercarbon. They are a Kenyan company that helps African small and medium-sized businesses. 

They use detailed information about pollution and modern money technology to make businesses better for the environment.

The other eight start-ups are: Tausi App, Urbanet, Dukka, Bingtellar, Feegor, Regxta, FutureLink Technologies, Valu.