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Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024 Investment Showcase Announces 10 Startups 

Ten African tech startups have been selected to present their innovative solutions to a panel of industry experts at the Africa Tech Summit Nairobi.

The investment showcase will be held on February 14th and 15th 2024, in Nairobi. 

The selected startups will be competing to secure funding, ranging from $500, 000 to $15 million, to fuel their growth. 

The carefully selected startups are from sectors such as fintech, agritech, e-commerce, Web3, and climate-tech.

The aim of the investment showcase is to create partnerships and attract investments to fill the funding gap in the ecosystem, despite the decline of African startup funding in 2023.

According to data from DabaFinance, African startups experienced a 39% decrease in funding, dropping from $4.6 billion in the previous year to $2.9 billion in 2023.

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List of the Selected Startups

  1. Node Bio – A Kenyan climate tech startup utilizing advanced plant science to develop crop treatments, while combating the effects of climate change. 
  1. Valu – An Egyptian Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) fintech platform in the MENA region, offering financial solutions to its users.
  1. Bingtellar – A Nigerian crypto startup focused on creating payment infrastructure for global citizens, including freelancers, remote workers, and businesses. 

Their product “ramp” simplifies crypto transactions and facilitates swift money transfers across Africa.

  1. Dukka – A Nigerian startup digitizing payments and bookkeeping solutions to assist small businesses in Africa in accepting all digital payment methods efficiently.
  1. FutureLink Technologies – A Ugandan startup operating a digital marketplace that simplifies financial access for individuals and facilitates payments for financial cooperatives.
  1. Tausi App – A Kenyan beauty tech company connecting beauticians to potential customers through technology, with over 6000 registered beauticians on their platform.
  1. Feegor – A Nigerian B2B e-commerce company connecting SMEs to manufacturers and major wholesalers.
  1. Peer Carbon – A Kenyan climate fintech startup using granular emissions data and sustainable finance technology to empower African SMEs through its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.
  1. Regxta – A Nigerian fintech startup providing accessible financial services to underserved communities, micro-businesses, and displaced persons across Africa.
  1. URBANET: A Kenyan startup promoting international dialogue on development activities worldwide. 

It also provides insights on municipal and local governance, sustainable urban development, and decentralization.

Africa Tech Summit Mission to Amplify Startups

The investment showcase is part of a larger initiative to increase funding for startups in Africa. 

Organizers are providing a platform for entrepreneurs to share their business ideas and, at the same time, an opportunity for networking. 

Moreover, the objective goes beyond just securing funding;  it’s also about finding mentors and partners who can support the growth of these startups. 

The hope is that successful pitches will not only bring in funds but also lead to guidance and partnerships, enabling these startups to reach new heights.