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Morocco, Madagascar, Kenya and Egypt Among NYT’s Top 52 Places to Go in 2024

Morocco, Madagascar, Kenya and Egypt picked among the top 52 prestigious places to visit in 2024 by The New York Times.

Each year, The New York Times compiles a list of 52 places that are worth traveling to. The 2024 coveted list highlights travel destinations experts believe people should take advantage of this year.

Likewise, the places have been touted to offer inspiration around sustainable travel, international and cultural events, nature and art.

From supporting local recovery in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Morocco and celebrating Africa’s most successful elephant rehabilitation program at the Tsavo National Park, Kenya, to exploring textiles and contemporary art in Madagascar and Hurghada’s abundant marine ecosystem, The Times has travel ideas for every type of traveler.

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Four destinations in Africa are featured in this year’s list:

19 – Morocco

Morocco is a mountainous country of western North Africa that lies directly across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain.

Morocco has, once again, secured its position as one of the top seven African countries to visit in 2024 by the Times.

This recognition comes amidst a rich array of travel experiences offered by the continent. More so, from the majestic wildlife of Kenya to the historical allure of Morocco’s ancient medinas.

The coveted list not only lists these destinations but also provides an insider’s guide. Likewise, it recommends activities such as exploring ancient medinas, camel trekking, and indulging in the flavors of traditional Moroccan cuisine.

22 – Antananarivo, Madagascar

The Indian Ocean island nation of Madagascar’s Capital, Antananarivo is among NYT pick. The city was chosen as one of the top places to visit this year.

The City is nestled close to the national parks and wildlife conservancies. Currently, Antananarivo is a gateway to enjoy the game drives. Mores so, exploring the vast and endemic flora and fauna.

At the same time, the town can be your leisure spot. It provides a Serene environment where you can enjoy an overnight stay and plan for your short day tours.

Likewise, it has an international airport Ivato International Airport. The town experiences a large footfall if not for tourism, then for an escape to the attraction in Madagascar.

On the other hand, What makes the town magnificent and beautiful, are the architecture of colonial buildings. It also has the vibrant streets and the galleries with traditional art and handicrafts exhibited to shop.

During your stay, you can wander around the town. Likewise, you can experience the burgeoning culture with world-class restaurants that serve the tempting and authentic dish.

Other places to visit in Madagascar include, Rova Palace Complex, Musée de l’Art et de Archéologie, Tana Water Front among other’s

31 – Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Tsavo was selected for its outstanding nature, especially the elephants. Out of the the over 36,000 elephants in Kenya, half are located in Tsavo which makes the national park attract visitors.

Currently, Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and one of the largest in the world spanning a total of nearly 22,000 square metres of land.

The New York Times noted that the existence of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in the park has been a contributing factor to the increase in the number of elephants in the country.

Notably, the ranking was done at a time when Kenya is working on a visa-free entry to encourage more tourists to visit the country and to boost the economy.

Mostly, Kenya is often been ranked among the best destinations globally. This is due to its sandy beaches, spectacular wildlife, and rich culture.

In December, Kenya emerged among the top 10 most beautiful countries in Africa. Travel and Leisure Magazine, described that Kenya was a wildlife haven due to the great wildebeest migration.

Kenya was also recognised by the Telegraph Travel Awards in position seven as the most preferred holiday destination.

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41 – Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada sits across the Gulf of Suez from Sharm el-Sheikh, the best-known Egyptian resort. However, like Sharm there’s plenty of water sports and diving.

The once-quiet fishing village of Hurghada, on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, has grown into a major resort. The village encompasses a city and a 37 mile-long resort. The resort is packed with family-friendly mega resorts that have their own private beaches.

On the other hand, it’s also closer to the Nile delta and therefore just a few hours’ drive from the ancient monuments. Hurghada has some breathtaking temples and the old valley of the Kings.

Likewise, the resort is accessible by ferry from Sharm. Notably, Hurghada airport also has regular direct flights from London and Manchester.

And the weather makes it a top choice for some winter sun. Mostly, the weather hoovers around the low 20s in January, with mild water temperatures to match.