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List of African Countries with Visa-Free Policy

In recent years, Some African countries have joined a list of countries around the world in experiencing a resounding wave of visa-free entry policies within their territories.

This wave has indeed opened the African continent to a more earnest conversation on the power of connectivity and integration.

At the same time, nations across Africa are increasingly realizing the critical importance of dismantling barriers. The barriers that have long hindered Africa continental free trade area.

The move to waive stringent visa policies is touted to improve troublesome trade tariffs. Likewise, it will aide in improving the continents economic growth in regards to Tourism.

The move towards visa-free entry among African states fosters a sense of unity. At the same time, it holds significant promise for economic growth. Likewise, it also fosters cultural exchange, and enhance regional cooperation.

Lately, some African countries have decided to take the bold step of waiving their visa restrictions. However, there are countries that are leading the way in this initiative.

Currently, there are 48 African countries that grant visa-free travel to the citizens of at least one other African nation. However, only 5 of 54 African countries now boast of complete visa-free entry.

List of 5 African Countries Every African Can Visit Without a Visa

1. Seychelles

Seychelles is the only nation where visa-free travel is open to all Africans. At the same time, the policy applies to citizens of every nation.

The move in 2018 made it the first African country to have visa-free travel. However, they recently rescinded Nigeria’s visa privileges.

All foreign nationals visiting Seychelles are granted visa free access. However, they are required to obtain a visitor’s permit on arrival unless exempt.

The visitor’s permit is issued free of charge and is initially valid for up to three months. However, it can be extended for a fee for a period of up to three months. Likewise, their is further extensions but not exceeding total period of twelve months.

At the same time, visitors must be in a possession of a valid passport, return or onward ticket. On the other hand, they can show proof of accommodation and sufficient funds.

2. Gambia

In 2019, Gambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed all diplomatic missions and international organizations in Banjul that The Gambia is now a “visa-free zone.

The Gambia government informed all Commonwealth nations, EU nations, Africa, the Baltic States, and Belgians on the new visa policy.

However, travelers entering and exiting The Gambia need to pay $20 (or 20 euros, or 10000 dalasi) security fee upon arrival.

Likewise, they will pay the same during departure at the airport, payable in cash (USD or dalasi) only at kiosks.

3. Benin

In 2019, Patrice Talon, President of Benin, declared that his administration will eliminate visa restrictions. The elimination of visa restrictions would allow Africans to enter the West African country.

Notably, despite Benin allowing other citizens to enter the Country freely. It provides an e visa, which  is available as a single entry document for 30 days. At the same time, as a multiple-entry document for 30 days and 90 days, respectively.

Likewise, once you arrive in Benin, the immigration officials activate your visa. At the same time, the validity begins to count. There are no group e visas for tourists. So each individual must apply for a separate e visa for their visit.

However, holders can enter Benin by land, air, or sea. They are also free to travel to any passport-free zone in the country.

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4. Rwanda

Recently, In November, during the 23rd World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) global summit in Kigali. Rwanda joined a list of African countries to announce a visa-free travel policy for all AU citizens entering the country.

President Paul Kagame used the stage to announce a visa free travel policy for all Africans

Kagame,  while announcing emphasized the paramount importance of Africa standing united as a singular tourism destination.

“Any African can get on a plane to Rwanda whenever they wish, and they will not pay a thing to enter our country,” Kagame stated.

According to President Kagame, Africans are the future of global tourism. The move to waive visa will help the industry to grow in the decades to come

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5. Kenya

Kenya’s President William Ruto on Tuesday, December 12 announced that visitors to Kenya from across the world will no longer require a visa to enter the country from January, 2024.

The president was speaking at a time when Kenya marked celebrations  marked 60 years since independence from Britain.

During the event, President William Ruto said, Kenya  has developed a digital platform. The platform would ensure all visitors receive electronic travel authorization in advance, instead of needing to apply for a visa.

Ruto had earlier in the year announced Kenya’s plan to join a list of African countries to lift visa restriction for all Africans before the end of 2023

At a conference in the Republic of Congo in October, he said people from African countries would not require a visa to visit Kenya by the end of 2023.

The Kenyan President has been vocal about the need to remove visa barriers as part of implementing a global free trade area.

“Kenya has a simple message to humanity: Welcome Home!” he stated.

Kenya now joins a list of African countries with a visa-free policy. However, Kenya extended to all citizen’s of the world.