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Microsoft and Vodafone Sign 10-Year Deal to Extend Digital Services to 300M Businesses and Consumers

Microsoft and Vodafone have announced a 10-year strategic partnership. 

It is aimed at offering digital solutions to more than 300 million businesses, government organizations, and people in Europe and Africa.

Through the partnership, the two companies are working together to improve customer experience. 

They will use Microsoft’s advanced AI, strengthen Vodafone’s IoT connectivity platform to better serve businesses in Africa and Europe. 

Additionally, they will create new digital and financial services and update Vodafone’s global data center cloud strategy.

To enhance productivity and digital efficiency, Vodafone employees will utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot. 

Vodafone is committing $1.5b investment over the next decade to develop cloud and customer-centric AI services in partnership with Microsoft.

On the other hand, Microsoft will leverage Vodafone’s fixed and mobile connectivity services. 

Microsoft will also invest in Vodafone’s managed IoT connectivity platform, which will become an independent business entity by April 2024. 

The new company aims to attract fresh partnerships and customers. This will drive growth in applications and expand the platform’s reach to connect more devices, vehicles, and machines.

Microsoft and Vodafone Transforming Customer Experiences

The digital services from the partnership will use the newest AI technology to offer personalized customer experiences on various platforms. 

They’ll follow fair and ethical privacy and security rules in line with Vodafone’s responsible AI framework.

Margherita Della Valle, Vodafone Group chief executive, commented,

“Today, Vodafone has made a bold commitment to the digital future of Europe and Africa.

“This unique strategic partnership with Microsoft will accelerate the digital transformation of our business customers, particularly small and medium-sized companies, and step up the quality of customer experience for consumers.”

Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO, Microsoft added, 

“This new generation of AI will unlock massive new opportunities for every organization and every industry around the world. 

“We are delighted that together with Vodafone we will apply the latest cloud and AI technology to enhance the customer experience of hundreds of millions of people and businesses across Africa and Europe, build new products and services, and accelerate the company’s transition to the cloud.”

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Areas of Focus on the Collaboration

  1. Generative AI – Utilizing Microsoft Azure OpenAI to enhance customer satisfaction by providing real-time, experiences through Vodafone’s digital assistant TOBi. 

Microsoft Copilot will empower Vodafone employees to transform work practices, increase productivity, and enhance digital efficiency.

  1. Scaling IoT – Microsoft’s investment in Vodafone’s global IoT-managed connectivity platform, connecting 175 million devices globally. 

Vodafone aims to integrate into the Azure ecosystem, making its IoT platform accessible to a wide developer and third-party community through open APIs.

  1. Africa Digital Acceleration – Microsoft aims to support the expansion of M-Pesa, Africa’s largest financial technology platform, by hosting it on Azure. 

Additionally, a purpose-led program seeks to impact 100 million consumers and 1 million SMEs in Africa.

  1. Enterprise Growth – Vodafone’s commitment to distributing Microsoft services, including Azure, security solutions, and modern work offerings. 

This aligns with Vodafone’s strategy to become Europe’s leading business platform, offering cloud-based services to support SMEs with low adoption and running costs.

  1. Cloud Transformation – Accelerating Vodafone’s cloud transformation by modernizing data centers on Microsoft Azure. 

This initiative aims to improve customer responsiveness, simplify operational costs, replace physical data centers with virtual ones across Europe, and align with Vodafone’s sustainable business strategy by reducing energy requirements.