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Microsoft and Terragon Partner to Promote Data-Driven Marketing in Africa

Microsoft and Terragon Partner to Promote Data-Driven Marketing in Africa

Microsoft and Terragon, an African marketing technology firm, have partnered in a three-year partnership aimed at equipping businesses with data-driven customer insights. 

As part of this collaboration, Terragon will harness the capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud platforms to enhance its marketing services.

Moreover, Nigeria’s Terragon leverages data and technology to deliver Africa’s most comprehensive data-powered marketing ecosystem. 

Their primary focus is assisting companies in obtaining valuable customer analytics through cloud-based solutions, with a particular emphasis on the African consumer landscape.

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Terragon caters to a diverse range of enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses operating in industries such as FMCG, financial services, and consulting. 

The company plays a pivotal role in helping brands effectively manage their first-party data, fine-tune their targeting strategies, and provide customers with personalised and offline experiences.

This partnership with Microsoft perfectly aligns with Terragon’s core mission of enhancing the significance of mobile interactions through innovative solutions. 

It also contributes to Microsoft’s broader objectives in promoting cloud-powered digital transformation across the African continent.

Microsoft push for Success in Africa

Chimezie Okonkwo, the Senior Vice President of Terragon, expressed enthusiasm regarding the utilisation of Microsoft’s tools to enhance marketing efficiency, generate more intelligent insights, and foster meaningful engagement with mobile customers.

According to Gerald Maithya from Microsoft, this collaboration represents a significant leap forward in fostering sustainable digital growth across Africa. 

Partnerships with cloud-focused companies like Terragon play a key role in accelerating transformation by extending cloud access to businesses of all scales, thereby contributing to Africa’s overall development.

Through their combined efforts, Microsoft and Terragon aspire to unleash the potential of data-driven marketing for African businesses looking to gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences and enhance their optimization strategies.

Their strategic alliance serves as a powerful illustration of the immense potential inherent in cloud platforms to propel business growth through actionable insights.