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Microsoft ADC & Cyber Shujaa Launch Cybersecurity Skilling Initiative for Africa

Microsoft ADC has launched its Cybersecurity Skilling Initiative. This program aims to equip people and organizations with crucial cybersecurity skills. The goal is to help them navigate the evolving digital landscape.

This initiative is a collaboration with Cyber Shujaa and other partners. It focuses on enhancing cybersecurity expertise, especially in Africa.

Igor Sakhnov, Corporate Vice President of Engineering at Microsoft, emphasized the importance of this initiative. He stated

“Cybersecurity knows no borders, and neither does our commitment to skilling. The Microsoft ADC Cybersecurity Skilling Initiative is not only timely but is envisioned to bring much needed boost in the industry especially in Africa. You can’t train for the far future, train for the next step and keep training.”

Catherine Muraga, Managing Director of Microsoft ADC, also highlighted the significance of this program.

“This program is one of several ADC initiatives aimed at improving skill development, and its ADC’s contribution to establishing Kenya as a hub for cybersecurity professionals.”

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Microsoft and Cyber Shujaa Training Program in Kenya

Microsoft ADC also plans to train 100 Kenyan students in cybersecurity. The training is still in partnership with Cyber Shujaa, which involves Serianu Limited, USIU-Africa, and the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA).

The three-month program will admit 70 undergraduates and 30 graduates with less than two years of work experience. Students will learn through eight cybersecurity modules. The course includes both classroom training and weekly mentorship sessions.

Catherine Muraga, Managing Director of Microsoft ADC, said the program will help make Kenya a top destination for cybersecurity professionals. Participants will earn two Microsoft cybersecurity certificates, enhancing their job prospects.

Cyber Shujaa has already trained over 500 individuals in cybersecurity and data protection. Igor Sakhnov, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, stated this partnership will greatly benefit the industry in Africa.

Participants will be trained in network security, application security, cloud security, incident response, security architecture, IoT security, and forensics.