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Europe-based IX Africa to Build Second Data Hub in Nairobi

Europe-based IX Africa to Build Second Data Hub in Nairobi

Tech company IX Africa has announced its intentions to build a second data centre in Nairobi. This move comes after the successful establishment of their initial data centre in 2021.

What’s more, IXAfrica has collaborated with real estate developer Tilisi Developments PLC for this project. The partnership involves IXAfrica signing a term sheet to acquire 11 acres of premium land, for the new data centre.

In addition, the company is doing due diligence to ascertain the precise dimensions of the campus. The upcoming facility will be substantial, with a capacity exceeding 30 MW.

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Guy Willner, the Chairman of IXAfrica, stated that by undertaking this expansion, they are reiterating their dedication to the region and their confidence in its substantial prospects for both development and technological progress.

”With Tilisi’s industrial parks, high-quality development, reliable power and water supply, fresh air, and advantageous altitude for free cooling, this new campus will provide an ideal environment for our data centre operations. 

“With sub-5ms latency between the two campuses, the distance satisfies the maxima and minima requirements for hyperscale deployments,” Willner added. 

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Furthermore, the new IXAfrica data centre campus in East Africa is set to address the rising need for cloud computing services, digital transformation, and edge computing applications in the region. 

Moreover, with its state of the art infrastructure, utilisation of environmentally friendly power sources, implementation of advanced security protocols, and effective cooling solutions, IXAfrica will have a significant impact on enhancing the technological environment of East Africa.

“Our collaboration with IXAfrica is a testament to Tilisi’s appeal as an investment hub for developers. This partnership bolsters our standing as a premier infrastructure developer in the region,” Graeme Reid Tilisi, CEO,  stated.

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However, in her remarks, Richard Hechle, Managing Director of Dimension Data East & West Africa, said, “This expansion signifies not only enhanced capacity but also a gateway to further connectivity options, enabling us to deliver seamless and high-performance solutions to our customers. 

We look forward to leveraging this strategic move to catalyse innovation, foster growth, and ultimately elevate the connectivity experience for our clients.”