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Dream VC Opens 2024 Applications to Empower African Access to Venture Capital

Dream VC, a top venture capital training provider in Africa, has announced that it is accepting applications for the 2024 cohort.

The company has been around for three years now, and has trained over 170 people who want to invest in Africa. 

The programs they offer have special lessons, hands-on training, and chances to meet investors.

Dream VC was started by Mark Kleyner and Cindy Ai. They worked in different places before starting the company. Their aim was to help more people learn about investing, especially in Africa.

Cindy Ai said she started the company because she knew the challenges that come with learning about investing. 

She said that she wanted to make it easier for others to understand and get involved in investing in new businesses.

“One of the reasons why Dream VC became a focal point for me was because I was someone who could never have broken into venture capital without a sort of fellowship programme or someone reaching out and democratising access for me,” Cindy said a few months after the launch of Dream VC.

Dayo Kolewo also said that he believes this company is a great platform. This is because it helps people learn the skills they need to work in the investing industry in Africa.

“The barrier to entry is high for anyone looking to break into the African VC industry. Going through Dream VC equips individuals with the necessary skills needed to land that entry-level role at an African VC firm. 

“With more African funds springing up every year, there is a huge opportunity to fill positions and get the best talent.” Kolewo stated.

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Dream VC’s 2024 Programs and Scholarships

This year, Dream VC offers two programs: Launch Into Venture Capital (LIVC) and Investor Accelerator Program (IA). 

LIVC is a four-month program for beginners in VC, and costs $1,500. On the other hand, IA is for experienced professionals, and costs $5,000. 

Scholarships are available via the Dream VC Access Foundation.

While giving his remarks, Mark Kleyner stated that Dream VC aims to shape leaders in VC

“Our commitment at Dream VC extends far beyond merely churning out a set number of investors within a specific timeframe. 

“Through our programs, we’re shaping future leaders poised to enter various roles within the venture capital landscape, from joining VCs and launching funds of their own to becoming angels, venture builders, and ecosystem enablers at ESOs,” Kleyner said.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply here before the deadline on Sunday, April 14, 2024.