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IFC Selects 100 Women-Led Startups for She Wins Africa Growth Support

The International Finance Corporation(IFC) has shared the names of 100 women who run startup businesses. They have been chosen to join the She Wins Africa project. 

This project is led by IFC and aims to help women who run startups in sub-Saharan Africa get finances for their business easily. 

The selected participants will get advice, mentoring, and chances to connect with potential investors, industry leaders, and peers.

The She Wins Africa project is focused on making things fairer for women in business. It aims to empower women founders in businesses. 

Currently, only three percent of startup funds in Africa goes to women. This project aims to change that.

They also want to make sure that women have the same opportunities as men to start and grow successful businesses. 

From around 3,000 people who applied, these 100 women come from different types of businesses like farming technology, climate technology, online shopping, education technology, health technology, and financial technology. 

They will learn how to be better at getting investors. The She Wins Africa project will also do other things like teaching 200 new startup businesses run by women. 

Additionally, they will help another 200 startups where it’s hard to get help, and create a group of investors who want to help women-led businesses in Africa.

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Investing in Women for Economic Equality

Nathalie Akon Gabala, Director of Gender and Economic Inclusion at IFC, emphasized the importance of investors supporting women.

“It’s time for investors to step up and fund women. A strong entrepreneurship ecosystem benefits us all,”  he said. 

The She Wins Africa project started in 2023 in Côte D’Ivoire. It’s the second project like this from IFC. 

The first one, She Wins Arabia, has helped 170 women in North Africa and the Middle East since 2021. 

IFC wants to keep helping women in business so that there’s more fairness and success in starting businesses.

List of The She Wins Africa Entrepreneurs