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BasiGo e-Mobility Start Up Secures $1.5 Million from USAID


Kenyan mobility startup BasiGo has received a $1.5 million grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to support the pilot testing and scale-up of its electric buses in Rwanda.

“We are proud to announce we have been awarded a $1.5 million grant from USAID to scale clean, green public transport in Rwanda. We are receiving this grant just as our first electric buses for Rwanda have landed in East Africa,” BasiGo stated.

This is the first time that USAID has awarded a grant specifically to support electric bus development in East Africa. The new development shows a sign of the growing recognition of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are going to help the region reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and improve air quality.

The move indicates a departure from its traditional focus on biodiversity, water, and sanitation initiatives.

BasiGo plans to deliver 200 electric buses to Rwanda before the end of 2024. These is part of commercial partnership with the Rwandan company AC Group.

The fleet will operate mainly by public transport operators Kigali Bus Service, Royal Express, and Volcano. BasiGo will also provide them with all recharging and maintenance services.

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BasiGo Initiative’s

The grant from USAID will support pilot testing of the electric buses in Kigali. At the same time, it will help BasiGo refine its business model and also develop financing solutions for bus operators.

On the other hand, the expansion of BasiGo’s operations to Rwanda is a significant step towards the electrification of public transport in East Africa. Likewise, It’s a testament to the company’s commitment to making electric buses affordable and accessible to transport operators in the region.

The success of the startup’s electric bus operations in Rwanda could pave the way for the wider deployment of electric buses in other East African countries.

This is going to have a significant positive impact on the region’s environment and public health. This financial injection aims to support pilot testing. It further help to scale-up of electric vehicles in Rwanda, where BasiGo is expanding its electromobility initiatives.

The support from the United States comes as BasiGo strategically accelerates the electrification of public transport in Rwanda. However it will also help in addressing challenges posed by rising fuel prices and the imperative to diversify transportation options.

The financial injection from USAID comes through its Development Innovation Ventures program.

At the same time, It’s anticipated to establish BasiGo as a key player in the East African electric vehicle market.

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About BasiGo

BasiGo is an e-mobility start-up looking to revolutionize the public transportation sector.The company helps to provide public transport bus owners with a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, BasiGo team comprises of strategically seasoned entrepreneurs.

Likewise , the enterprenuers have spent over decades working and innovating within electric vehicle technology, mobility in Africa, and renewable energy financing.

Besides manufacturing the buses, Basigo offers charging Infrastructure and maintenance services hence making their fleet convenient to the operators.

BasiGo aims to create a dedicated and inclusive sustainable mobility revolution in Africa.