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Kenya’s E-mobility Startup Basigo Enters Rwanda

Electric bus firm, BasiGo Enters Rwanda

Basigo, a Nairobi-based manufacturer of electric buses, has announced its entry into Rwanda’s market.

The E-mobility Startup in a statement noted that it had entered a partnership with AC Mobility, a Rwandan company that offers smart mobility solutions through its cashless payment systems, to facilitate the launch of Basigo Rwanda Ltd.

Commenting about the new move, Basigo’s CEO Jit Bhattacharya stated that Rwanda has proven to be a leader in terms of enabling the establishment of E-mobility businesses.

He added that Basigo’s buses will provide alternative means of transport that is not only environment-friendly but also convenient and economical to operators.

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“Rwanda has led the way in creating an enabling ecosystem for E-mobility,” he stated.

“Electric buses will bring bus operators freedom from rising fuel prices while also dramatically reducing air pollution and CO2 emissions.”

Jones Kizihira, the CEO of AC Mobility, also commented on the new partnership with Basigo noting that “electric buses will help ease the cost burden of public bus transporters and advance Rwanda’s transition to clean mobility”. 

Basigo Pay-as-You-Drive Model

The electric bus manufacturer will introduce its mileage-based leasing model called Pay-as-You-Drive Model in Rwanda which makes the buses affordable.

Through this model, Basigo intends to deliver its first fleet to Rwanda’s operators by October this year and hopes to increase the number to 200 by the end of 2024.

So far, Basigo and AC Mobility have entered agreement with three leading public transport operators in Kigali selected to be part of the pilot phase.

Basigo’s entry into Rwanda comes after the country’s government announced plans to increase the size of Kigali’s public transport fleet and at the same time convert 20% of the vehicles used to electric by 2030.

The move will be Basigo’s second venture into the African market after its early gains in Kenya’s market where it established itself as the pioneer E-mobility company.

Besides manufacturing the buses, Basigo offers charging Infrastructure and maintenance services hence making their fleet convenient to the operators.