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Zambia to Establish AI Framework with Global Partnerships

The Minister of Science and Technology of Zambia, Felix Mutati, has announced plans to establish an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework. 

He said that the Zambian government is formulating an AI Strategy with the Tony Blair Institute. This organisation advises governments on strategy, policy, and delivery.

Mutati also mentioned that Zambia is working with the European Union (EU) on developing a Startup Bill. Additionally, he highlighted the need for an enabling framework for AI deployment. 

He added that the government is revising the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act to facilitate this process.

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AI Strategy and Future Plans for Zambia

In May 2024, at the CAMINEX event in Kitwe, Mutati announced the completion of the AI strategy draft. He stated the strategy would launch in July 2024.

They have therefore announced that the government will soon issue guidelines for ICT practitioners to regulate their activities. 

The Technology and Science Minister announced plans for a Statutory Instrument (SI) in early June. This aims to curb misconduct and ensure adherence to ethical standards.

Zambia is not alone in this effort. Nigeria is developing an AI framework with 120 experts and secured $3.5 million in funding. 

South Africa also plans to establish an AI Expert Advisory Council to guide AI policies and regulations.