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Youth Climate Summit Kicks off in Nairobi Ahead of Africa Climate Summit

Kenya’s President William Ruto on Friday, September 1 opened the Africa Youth Climate Summit in the country’s capital Nairobi as a curtain raiser for the Africa Climate Summit.

The youth forum came days before Nairobi hosts the inaugural Africa Climate Summit, from 4th to 8th September 2023.

“Let me take this opportunity, on behalf of the people and the government of Kenya and on my behalf to welcome each and every one of you, young people from across Kenya, across Africa and those who come from beyond welcome to Nairobi,” the President stated.

Moreover, the theme for the climate summit is ‘Driving Green Growth and Climate Solutions for Africa and the World’.

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The forum will bring together global leaders, investors, industry leaders and scientific experts to explore how Africa can harness its potential to play a pivotal role in the global fight against Climate change.

Setting pace for Africa Climate Summit

Addressing delegates, the Kenyan leader recalled how he stood at the Eiffel tower in France and rallied youth to join the summit in Nairobi to champion the global climate positive growth agenda.

“Two months a go under the Eiffel tower, I called upon the youth of the world to join us in Nairobi to champion the global climate positive growth agenda,” Ruto recalled.

He called on leaders to come on the table and engage on matters of climate change and provide solutions that can help youths in Africa and the World.

“There is no solution if we do not involve and engage the people who have the greatest stake in our present and in our future and therefore, I urge to insist, to make your way to the table, we are going to facilitate your sitting on the table.

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“It is said that if you are not on the table, you probably and most likely be on the Menu, and I do not want any young person or anyone of us to be on the Menu,” the President stated

While addressing the impact of climate change, Mr Ruto called on global leaders and scientists to help provide climate solutions by achieving net zero by 2050 to avoid global disasters.

“Scientists agree that failing to achieve net zero by 2050 will result to a disaster here on earth and civilization as we know it, frankly there is no need to tell Africa particularly its use about the challenges of climate change,” the President stated.

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