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GITEX Africa 2023 Partners With US Start-up, Fujn for Representation of Women in Tech

GITEX Africa 2023 Partners With US Start-up, Fujn for Representation of Women in Tech

At least 10 women in tech from 6 countries and 4 continents are set to benefit from GITEX Africa, the continent’s largest all inclusive start-up exhibition.

GITEX Africa in partnership with Fujn, a tech start-up designed by women will give them a platform to showcase their cutting edge technology to achieve gender equality in digitalization.

During GITEX Africa 2023, Fujn will create awareness around building technical growth for women and the importance of equality, inclusion and diversity in tech space.

Fujn has a community of over 100,000 women from diverse backgrounds, educational levels, specialties, and expertise

“We see technology as a magic tool for women to reimagine their possibilities. When the word technical is mentioned, some women get intimidated when they should not. 

Women can be senior directors in tech startups without knowing how to code, but it is a plus, if women code,” Fujn said.

Women in Tech push for gender equality 

According to Fujn, gender equality stands to boost Africa’s economy with an additional 1 trillion dollars and the Moroccan economy with an incremental $150 billion, by the year 2025 .

In addition, the firm has implored investors to invest in women founded start-ups which has a double benefit and the potential for a high internal rate of return  (IRR) and return on investment (ROI). 

For instance, as of March 2023, America proposed the largest-ever US investment in gender equality programs, with $3.1 billion for gender programs in FY2024. 

This budget proposal furthers the US administration’s aim to secure gender as a cross-cutting priority on both the domestic and global front.

Moreover, the startup has raised concerns around the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging risks.

The women in tech are now urging among others regulators, corporate leaders and legislators to advocate for human-machine equity (HME) to avoid job losses. 

Fujn has revealed plans to explore partnership opportunities with participating inter-governmental agencies from Korea, Abu Dhabi, and Japan.

African governments are also part of the deal to include women in the next wave of opportunities stemming from technology.

GITEX Africa Digital Summit 2023 will take place in Morocco from May 31 to June 2 and will bring together more than 500 sector players. 

Additionally, it will  explore how technology and connectivity redraw the boundaries of sustainable social-economic development for African government, business and society.

At least 250 hosted investors from 34 countries with $200 billion worth of assets under management will also seek breakthrough technologies and potential African tech scale-up co-investment opportunities.