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US Sends $163 Million Humanitarian Aid to Sudan and Chad

US Sends $163 Million Humanitarian Aid to Sudan and Chad

The United States (US) on Wednesday, September 13 confirmed an aid in excess of $160 millionin response to the humanitarian crisis caused by Sudan’s civil war.

The U.S envoy to the UN announced more additional humanitarian assistance to the people of
Sudan and neighboring countries including, Chad.

“The U.S is providing nearly $163 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the people of Sudan and neighboring countries including Chad,” United States Ambassador to the United
Nations-Thomas Greenfield stated.

While in Adre, a town near the Sudanese boarder with Chad, Greenfield expressed his profound appreciation to the Chadian Government and the people of Chad for welcoming the refuges.

She further revealed how he met malnourished children who were being treated of acute malnutrition and who were too weak to speak or cry, prompting him to reaffirm his conviction
to do more to support the Sudanese people.

Thomas-Greenfield first visited Chad’s border with Darfur in 2004 as a senior State Department official, the same year Washington described the violence there as a genocide.

Due to war, the refugees are fleeing a rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis, with Sudan’s armed forces fighting against the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group and their
affiliated militias.

The crisis was caused after a fight broke out in April a few years ago after both sides jointly
deposed longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir in a coup.

Thomas Greenfield also announced new sanctions against Abdelrahim Dagalo, a senior commander in Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces and his brother RSF commander Mohamed

Further, she also announced Visa restriction on RSF General and West Darfur Commander
Abdul Juma for his involvement in gross violation of human rights.

U.S calls for more Support to the People of Sudan

The amount of aid Thomas Greenfield unveiled will be an addition to $710million the U.S had committed to the emergency response this fiscal year of 2023.

The U.N says it needs more than $1 billion in additional aid to support 1 million people who
have evacuated Sudan, including nearly 400,000 to neighboring Chad.

The U.S envoy called on global cooperation’s and the international community to do everything possible to step up and respond to mass atrocities and hold those responsible for ongoing horrors in Sudan to account.

“The United States cannot do this alone. A crisis of this magnitude requires global cooperation, and right now the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2023 is less 30 percent funded,” Thomas Greenfield added.

Currently, the U.N has authorized the International Criminal Court to investigate whether a
genocide is unfolding in Sudan, with reports of massacre and ethnic cleansing being carried out between communities.

Observes have also warned that Sudan is likely to sink itself just like 20 years ago when a
genocide was carried out leaving over 300,000 people dead, according to the U.N.

To date, the ICC has still outstanding arrest warrants for the accused perpetrators of the
genocide in the 2000’s despite Sudan is not a party to ICC.