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US Pledges $7B Investment in Africa to Promote Climate Resilience

The United States private sector has committed $7 billion to promote and enhance climate resilience, adaptation, and mitigation across Africa.

US Vice President Kamala Harris made the pledge while in Zambia, her final stop on a week-long African tour.

Further, the White House revealed that private firms aim to support Africa’s climate change action by assisting over 116 million farmers and promoting climate-smart agriculture.

U.S. Partnerships and Commitments

“These investments and initiatives demonstrate America’s commitment to partnering with African people, governments, and the private sector to help the continent achieve its climate adaptation, clean-energy access, and just energy transition goals.

Such efforts will generate significant economic benefits while addressing urgent climate crisis-related needs, such as food security challenges,” she stated.

In addition, Harris announced 27 private sector and philanthropic commitments, supporting farmers, climate-smart agriculture, sustainability, clean energy, and clean transportation.

Companies and organizations like Pula, Mastercard, SunCulture, One Acre Fund, and Touton SA are among those responding to the President’s Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (PREPARE) Call to Action.

Notable Companies and Initiatives

Pula: Agricultural insurance and technology company providing up to $20 billion in insurance coverage for African farmers by 2026.

Mastercard: Expanding access to its Community Pass platform to 15 million farmers in Africa by 2027.

SunCulture: Mobilizing $100 million in private capital and $40 million in grant/subsidy funding for smallholder farmer solar irrigation in Kenya by 2028.

One Acre Fund: Raising and investing a $100 million fund to help 1 million farmers plant one billion trees by 2030.

Touton SA: Committing $79.2 million to source sustainable cocoa by 2025, benefiting an estimated 150,000 Ghanaians.

Other Contributing Firms

Also, additional companies joining the effort include AlphaTalentsAfrica (ATA), AgDevCo, Switch Bioworks, Agrinfo Company Limited, Corteva, Land O’Lakes Venture 37, McCormick, and YouthMappers.

At the same time, these firms will provide various services, including innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture, investments in agribusinesses and synthetic biology research

In addition, they will offer market information for agribusinesses, climate-resilient seeds, expertise and training for improved agricultural productivity, sustainable ingredient sourcing, and geospatial technologies for development challenges.

These commitments from various organizations and companies will help Africa tackle the consequences of climate change, promote sustainable agriculture, and support the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers.

With continued collaboration and investment, these efforts can significantly contribute to the continent’s climate resilience and overall socio-economic development.