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Uganda Hosts the Second African Coffee Summit

Uganda Hosts The 2nd Africa Coffee Summit

Uganda in partnership with the Inter-African Coffee Organization (IACO), is hosting the 2nd G25 African Coffee Summit (ACS).

The Summit which kicked off on August 7, at the Speke Resort Munyonyo in Kampala, Uganda, focused on the advancement of the African coffee sector through value addition.

The summit’s core objectives include addressing challenges across the coffee value chain, fostering sustainable production practices, promoting research initiatives, simplifying market entry, and stimulating consumption by means of intra-regional trade.

In his address, Kenya’s Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi expressed his belief that the initiative will yield positive results by boosting both African coffee production and its presence in the global market.

“Kenya proudly affirms its unwavering support for the Kampala declaration and is fully committed to its implementation.

“By empowering our farmers and leveraging the value addition approach, African Coffee has the potential to make its mark on the global market,” He stated.

Fostering African Coffee Unity

Nairobi hosted the first G25 Coffee Summit in May 2022. Throughout the summit, leaders from the 25 nations showcased their dedication to fostering agreement in order to establish coffee as a crucial agricultural asset within the African Union’s scope.

This endeavour is in harmony with the objectives outlined in Africa Agenda 2063.

Furthermore, in Kenya, the coffee sub-sector plays a key role in the national economy.

According to the 2021 Economic Survey, it contributes around 0.28% to the Gross Domestic Product.

This sector exerts a substantial influence on areas such as employment, food security, foreign exchange, and the overall well-being of millions of Kenyan.