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Termii, Truecaller Join Forces to Transform Business Communication in Africa

Termii, Truecaller partner

Termii and Truecaller have partnered to transform business communication throughout the African continent.

Temii is a prominent customer engagement platform in Africa, and Truecaller is the leading worldwide communications platform known for contact verification and blocking unsolicited messages. 

This partnership strives to reinforce their dedication to the African business environment by formally introducing the Termii mobile platform,  “TermiiGo,” and integrating the Truecaller Verified Business solution directly into the mobile platform.

TermiiGo has been specifically crafted to provide a wide array of functionalities for African Business

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In Addition, it empowers African businesses to optimize their processes, improve connectivity, and deliver an unmatched level of customer experience.

The platform provides businesses with the ability to employ multi-factor authentication, diverse messaging choices, a user-friendly inbox for efficient customer support, and an integrated Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution.

Moreover, this feature enhances the branding of local business calls and fosters trust in communication, catering particularly to enterprise-level businesses upon request.

Ayomide Awe, Co-founder & CTO of Termii, expressed immense excitement in bringing TermiiGo to the African business community.

“Our comprehensive suite of features, combined with the Truecaller Verified Business solution, empowers businesses to overcome communication challenges, foster trust, and unlock new opportunities for growth.” She said. 

How Termii works 

Through the integration of Termii and Truecaller, the two platforms aim to overcome the challenge of establishing trust over phone calls and messages by providing secure and reliable communication channels for businesses across Africa. 

In addition, it seeks to tackle worries related to unknown origins and the surge in fraudulent activities that have contributed to a sense of distrust within the customer community.

The incorporation of the Truecaller Verified Business solution within TermiiGo will enable legitimate businesses to establish confident connections with their customers.

This will encompass an unalterable Brand Name and Logo, coupled with a Verified Business Badge, fostering a communication environment that prioritizes safety and security. 

Also, revolutionary interaction aims to reinforce trust, elevate brand visibility, optimize call effectiveness, and ultimately foster higher customer contentment.

“We are excited about our partnership with Truecaller and the value it brings to African businesses.

“The Truecaller Verified Business solution aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing innovative communication solutions to our customers across Africa. 

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“Together, we aim to revolutionize business communication and foster trust between organizations and their customers.” said Gbolade Emmanuel, CEO and Co-founder at Termii. 

Priyam Bose, Global Head of Go-to-Market (GTM) at Truecaller for Business, shared the same level of excitement regarding the collaboration with Termii.

“At Truecaller for Business, we strive to instill trust and ensure secure, contextual interactions for users dealing with legitimate businesses. 

“This synergy with Termii, whose strong market standing in Africa, will enable us to provide immense value to the communication lifecycle for the business and user community across the continent.” He stated. 

What’s more, the latest version of TermiiGo is available for download on both App Store and Google Play store.