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SecondSTAX and NGX Partner to Drive Investment from across Africa into Nigeria’s capital markets

SecondSTAX and NGX Partner to Drive Investment from across Africa into Nigeria’s capital markets

SecondSTAX, a technology company that is building solutions to enhance intra-Africa capital and investment flows on Monday, October 9 announced a new partnership with the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) to enable institutional investors from across Africa to directly invest into Nigeria’s capital markets.

The new partnership will provide a close collaboration with Afrinvest (West Africa) Limited, a leading capital market holding company in Nigeria active in six principal areas: investment banking, securities trading, asset management, trustee, consulting and financial technology.

“Our aim is to integrate all the capital markets across Africa to enable more seamless investment flows and this partnership with the Nigerian Exchange Limited represents a major milestone on our journey.

Nigeria’s capital markets are full of lucrative opportunities that have until now been out of reach to institutional investors outside the country. At the same time, Nigeria’s institutional investors have largely found it challenging to invest into other capital markets across the continent. This partnership addresses both problems and we are excited to see how investors take advantage of the opportunities that abound across the continent,” Eugene Tawiah, CEO and co-founder of SecondSTAX said.

This joint effort will make it easier for licensed broker-dealers, asset managers, large commercial banks and other institutional investors from across the continent to invest in Nigeria’s premier exchange via SecondSTAX’s transparent, easy-to-use, cloud-based portal.

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At the same time, Investors will also be able to invest in their native currencies, making a wider range of assets and opportunities available to more Africans and creating an efficient route to increased wealth on the continent.

SecondSTAX, NGX Partner deal to unlock potential

Currently, Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and its capital markets present some of the most profitable investment opportunities globally such as the Lagos bourse that ended the year 2020 as World’s Best with a 50 percent gain, the most since December 2007.

Additionally, Nigeria also has the equity index which also serves as the world leader among the 93 stock indexes tracked by Bloomberg. Some of it’s companies are also listed in the exchange posted a positive return of up to 400 percent.

The technology Company is also building technology solutions for investment firms that will power the seamless flow of capital and institutional investment across the continent, and it is consolidating all debt and equity capital markets throughout Africa, making it easier to access opportunities in relevant markets.

Further, the platform facilitates transactions by securely and efficiently routing orders onto existing mature capital markets infrastructure in complete compliance with local regulations. As a result, African investment firms are empowered to do more for their clients and have the opportunity to earn more for themselves.

The company already has partnerships with the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) and the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), driving investment into these exchanges from across the continent. Along with new investment opportunities into Nigeria’s capital markets, this partnership will also make it easier for institutional investors from Nigeria to invest into other capital markets that are available on the SecondSTAX platform.

Following the NGX launch, access to the service will initially be restricted to Qualified Institutional Investors who are able to place minimum trade orders of USD 10,000.00 (or the equivalent value in NGN). Over time, this limit will be reduced to extend services to other customers.

New Partnership

After the New partnership, Temi Popoola, CEO, Nigerian Exchange Limited, commended SecondSTAX for its visionary solution to drive institutional investments across Africa.

“This closely aligns with our ongoing efforts to foster innovation and growth in our market through initiatives such as the African Exchanges Linkage Project, which aims to integrate capital markets in the continent; and our partnership with Afreximbank’s Pan African Payments Settlement System (PAPPS) to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions within the African capital markets,”

He further stated that NGX is committed to fostering inclusive growth and are open to collaborating with more capital market innovators to stimulate participation and investment in the Nigerian and African capital market.

Additionally, Ike Chioke, Group Managing Director of Afrinvest, stated that SecondSTAX will provide opportunities to drive capital inflows into Nigeria’s capital markets.

“As a leading capital marketing holding company, we are always at the forefront of driving innovations that grow Nigeria’s capital market. We are delighted to be in partnership with SecondSTAX to enable more opportunities to drive capital inflows into Nigeria’s capital markets and increase investment options for investors in Nigeria.”

About SecondSTAX

SecondSTAX was founded in 2020 by Eugene Tawiah and Duke Lartey, SecondSTAX (SSX) is on a mission to enhance investment flows into and within African capital markets by making it easier to connect investors with high-growth, high-impact investment opportunities.

 SSX provides access to debt and equity securities across multiple African bond and stock exchanges.

The technology Company also facilitates transactions by securely and efficiently routing orders onto existing mature capital markets exchange infrastructure, through sponsored broker relationships, in full compliance with local regulations.

Additionally, SSX delivers leading-edge financial technology solutions to broker-dealers, asset managers, and institutional investors across Africa and abroad, and simultaneously offers retail customer solutions.