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We are passionate about representing brands and you are in good hands of talented people ready to help you in your journey.

We also love story telling, listening to you as we help you craft the best story, that is emotionally and visually compelling to deliver the best outcome.

Public Relations (PR)

Let us help you amplify your brand voice and visibility in the market place through our expertise in public relations .

We partner with you to craft strategic communication that will drive awareness and increase your visibility

We work with media eperts who take you through creative idea generation, messaging and timely media outreach for your product launches and promotion. Your brand needs this buzz around your community.

No one knows our African community like we do, your campaign messaging will be exceptionally tailored to meet our diverse and multicultural communities as you intend  in a way that will be understood.

Key Areas: Public Relations strategy, Communication Strategy, Media Relations, Product Launches & Community Relations

Marketing Strategy

We help you build a strategy by leveraging a cross channel approach for your audience, whether its a B2C or B2B, we develop your Go-To-Market plan with your key strategic partners in mind.

This service includes your intergrated communications expertise in social media strategy, Product launch strategy, Campaign management, positioning and promotion, strategic partnerships, account management and customized strategies to meet your unique goals.


Key Areas: Marketing Strategy, Planning, Strategic Partnerships, Social Media & Campaign management


Brand Strategy

Building a brand can be tasking, having it stand out of the competitive landscape needs a creative strategy and clever planning.
To achieve this you need a recognizable brand  identity, that can be trusted to deliver a unique value proposition.

Our branding services will take you through a guided step by step of  your brand journey and ensure that you not only grow but thrive. 

Let us help you manage your brand  and guide you with diversify your product/service in the ever changing market.

Key areas: Brand Strategy, Brand Planning, Brand Identity, Brand Management



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Events management

We partner with various events management companies across Australia to bring you the best experience to showcase your brands. whether that is a new Product Launch, Community engagement activities, fashion shows, food markets, Music or Multicultural activities.

Key Areas: Event Planning, Event Coordination,  Sponsorship proposals.

All this possible when regulations around COVID 19 allows for face2face