Our Africa, Our Future: Harnessing the Power of Trade for Socio-economic Progress

Our Africa, Our Future: Harnessing the Power of Trade for Socio-economic Progress
African free Continental Trade Agreement

Today, as we celebrate Africa Day, we mark not just another year but a significant milestone – the 60th anniversary of the African Union (AU), formerly known as the Organisation of African Unity (OAU).

What’s more, it’s a day to honor the relentless spirit of a continent that overcame colonialism and Apartheid, leading to independence for most African nations.

This year’s theme, “Our Africa, Our Future”, shines a spotlight on Africa’s transformative journey and its emerging role in the global economy and trade.

As part of this journey, nations across the continent have come together to enact the Africa Free Trade Agreement.

In addition, this powerful pact is a catalyst for developmental efforts in respective countries, aiming to improve the lives of their populations across all socio-economic and political sectors.

Africa Day; Why it matters

From enhancing education, building robust infrastructure, empowering women and youth, to fostering peace and security, the focus is broad and multidimensional. The fight against poverty forms the backbone of these efforts, with rural economy and agriculture at the forefront. Upholding human rights, advancing science and technology, ensuring freedom of expression, and celebrating cultural identity, are all part of this inclusive agenda.

The Free Trade Agreement is a testament to the unified vision of a prosperous Africa, with trade acting as the cornerstone of growth. As we commemorate this Day, we are not just celebrating our past, but also embracing a future where Africa stands strong as an integral part of the global trade system.

Today, as we stand united under the banner of “Our Africa, Our Future”, we are committed to turning these ambitions into reality. The path forward may be challenging, but the shared vision of an integrated, prosperous Africa offers a beacon of hope.

Also, as we celebrate the Day, let’s remember: Our Africa, Our Future, is not just a theme, but a vision of the Africa we strive to create – for ourselves and for future generations.

Happy Africa Day!

video web source: African Union

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