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Nigeria Awards AI Research Grants to 45 Startups and Researchers

Nigeria’s Minister of Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani, has revealed the 45 recipients selected for the first National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Grant Scheme.

Each grantee, including notable startups like Lendsqr, a fintech company, is set to receive a ₦5 million grant to support their AI projects.

Tijani emphasized the significance of the Nigeria AI Research Scheme in fostering a sustainable AI ecosystem. 

“After a rigorous evaluation process, with the help of 25 distinguished Nigerian AI experts from across the world, we have identified some exceptional proposals from individuals who are excelling in the field of AI research. 

“From healthcare to agriculture, finance to education, these brilliant researchers are poised to propel Nigeria’s tech landscape onto the global stage.

“These proposals tackle some of our most pressing challenges and offer the potential to revolutionize industries, empower communities and unlock a future full of possibilities

“The selected grantees are from diverse sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, education, finance, security, and environmental sustainability,” Tijani stated.

Grantees of the First National AI Research Grant Scheme


1. Ofordum Ikenna David (Nigerian Researcher): Revolutionizing cancer treatment in Nigeria through the application of machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

2. TechCare Diagnostics Research Team (Nigerian Researcher): Developing a centralized online library for the comprehensive collection and interpretation of X-Ray, CTScan, MRI, and Genomic Data using AI.

3. Aurelius (Startup): Creating an AI system for automated contouring in radiation therapy planning.

4. Hauwa Ahmad Amshi (Nigerian Researcher): Implementing AI and telemedicine to predict, monitor, and raise awareness about chronic kidney disease linked to water contamination.

5. Lagos State University (Nigerian Researcher): Designing a wearable sensor-based AI system for early detection and personalized management of lung cancer.

6. Cardio Intel (Startup): Developing an AI-enabled mobile app for personalized monitoring and early detection of cardiovascular diseases.

7. Nurse Oge (Startup): Creating an AI-powered healthcare model for patient monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.

8. Nasir Idris Ibrahim (Nigerian Researcher): Establishing an AI-driven mental health support platform leveraging cloud computing to provide personalized assistance to individuals dealing with depression.

9. Dr. Obasa, Adekunle Isiaka (Nigerian Researcher): Utilizing hybrid machine learning techniques to enhance the diagnosis of ischemic strokes in CT scan images.

10. Adejo George Ode (Nigerian Researcher): Predicting and preventing tropical diseases using AI in regions with limited resources.

11. Tamela (Startup): Focusing on the development and training of AI models for ultrasound imaging in pregnancy.

12. Maruf Adewole (Nigerian Researcher): Creating a low-resource PACS platform to improve access to imaging data and AI applications in healthcare.

13. All For Tech Empowerment Foundation (Technology Company): Developing an AI-driven Clinical Decision Support System for managing Diphtheria in African regions.

14. Quantum Innovative Tech Solutions Ltd (Startup): Designing an AI-powered personal health management system for real-time insights and anomaly detection.

15. Life-Elixir Computers (Startup): Implementing region-specific AI algorithms for cancer diagnosis in medical image analysis.


1. Abidoye Luqman Kolawole (Nigerian Researcher): Integrating UAVs and deep learning for real-time pest detection and automated pesticide spraying in crop fields.

2. Farmspeak Technology Limited (Startup): Creating an AI platform for real-time insights to reduce poultry mortality rates and enhance climate resilience.

3. Dr. Harisu Abdullahi Shehu (Nigerian in Diaspora Researcher): Utilizing AI for early detection and management of Tuta absoluta infestations in tomato crops.

4. Yakubu Ibrahim (Nigerian Researcher): Implementing computer vision and UAVs for real-time bird detection in rice fields to increase crop yields.

5. Dr. Ronke Seyi Babatunde (Nigerian Researcher): Establishing an AI-powered integrated crop management system in Nigeria to address farmers’ challenges and increase productivity.

6. Erike, Azubuike Izuchukwu (Nigerian Researcher): Developing a smartphone app that integrates AI into agricultural extension services for real-time assistance.

7. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (Nigerian Researcher): Implementing a Space-Based AI Solution for Agriculture in Nigeria to monitor soil moisture and enhance productivity.

8. Dr. Yusuf Ibrahim (Nigerian Researcher): Creating an Integrated AI-Based Crop Disease Management Solution for smallholder farmers.

9. Muallim Yakubu (Nigerian Researcher): Effectively using AI to improve agricultural productivity and promote sustainable farming practices.

10. Dr. Olakunle Elijah (Nigerian Researcher): Applying advanced sensing technologies and machine learning for early disease detection in ginger plants.

11. Godwin Ani / Gwin Technologies Limited (Startup): Developing a smart mobile diagnostic tool using AI for animal health.


1. Data Scientists Network (Technology Company): Evaluating AI-generated learning content to enhance STEM education in low-income households.

2. Edunetix (Startup): Implementing AI technology for personalized education and career advice.

3. Bello Abdullahi (Nigerian Researcher): Utilizing AI-powered voice assistants to enhance language learning and reading assistance in online education.

4. Ibrahim Lukman Kehinde (Nigerian Researcher): Addressing challenges faced by industries in optimizing operations and maintenance using AI methods.

5. Segun Oladele (Nigerian Researcher): Implementing smart devices and AI for a personalized intelligence tutoring system.


1. Vergold Nigeria Limited (Nigerian Researcher): Utilizing AI to instill trust in online businesses, particularly in social commerce.

2. NaYa Finance Technology Limited (Technology Company): Developing an Autonomous Cognitive Entity (ACE) for holistic decision-making in capital markets using generative AI.

3. Lendsqr (Startup): Using AI and alternative data sources for quick and bias-free credit decisions.

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1. Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad (Nigerian Researcher): Creating advanced language detection models for offensive content in major Nigerian languages on social media.

2. IDB Analytics (Startup): Implementing AI and geofencing technology to address security challenges in regions affected by conflicts.

3. Dr. Israel Udoh (Researcher): Developing a comprehensive mathematical framework for counterterrorism using AI and machine learning.


1. Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano (Nigerian Researcher): Implementing integrated smart water solutions using IoT technology and environmental sensor technologies.

2. Dr. Aneyo, Idowu (Nigerian Researcher): Developing a low-cost, AI-enabled acoustic monitoring system for water bodies in Nigeria.

3. Shamsudeen Temitope Yekeen (Nigerian in Diaspora Researcher): Creating an integrated Earth Observation Satellite and AI system for rapid detection and response to oil spills.

4. Dr. Sani Muazu (Nigerian in Diaspora Researcher): Establishing an AI-driven model to optimize urban resource management using machine learning techniques.

5. Dr. Evans Woherem (Nigerian Researcher): Developing an AI-driven predictive model and decision support system for forecasting and managing the economic impact of cross-border dam water release in Nigeria.


1. Centre for Artificial Intelligence (Startup): Implementing an AI system for assessing vulnerability and providing adaptation solutions to communities facing climate change impacts.

2. Eya Candidus Ugwuoke (Nigerian Researcher): Creating solar-powered charging stations and rechargeable lanterns with AI-enabled energy monitoring for rural areas.

3. Qudus Onikeku (Nigerian Researcher): Working on the protection of the intellectual property of dancers using AI technology and economic incentives.