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Miftah Concierge, a Luxury Travel Firm Launches in Kenya

Miftah Concierge, a luxury travel service provider based in Dubai, has initiated its operations in Kenya as a gateway for expanding its presence across Africa.

Saruni Lelaona was appointed as the CEO at the same time Miftah Concierge entered the African market. He has the responsibility of leading the company’s pan-African efforts from Nairobi.

The luxury travel service provider is renowned for its personalized lifestyle management services. 

Oscar Kato and Pascaline Nkwe, two African hoteliers, in collaboration with Illyas Bafouri, an innkeeper based in the United Arab Emirates, originally established and launched it in Dubai.

As part of its preparations for expansion beyond Kenya, Miftah will infuse an initial capital investment of $2 million.

“Concierge service is fundamentally about people. Our goal is to facilitate a life of limitless luxury for our clients,” stated Mr Kato.

Miftah services offer subscribers 24/7 access to a specialized team of lifestyle managers via a mobile application, with a guaranteed response time of no more than 60 seconds.

The newly appointed CEO has a proven track record in operational management, which includes expertise in finance, business development, and relationship management.

While delivering his remarks, he expressed his excitement about being part of a forward-thinking team that aims to transform the way people experience luxury lifestyles, particularly in Africa.

“Saruni’s track record in leadership within the region will help align the company’s services with the unique requirements of the African market,” the firm said in a statement.

Miftah’s Commitment to Luxury Lifestyle

Founder Nkwe emphasized Africa’s emergence as a new frontier for luxury clientele, citing its role as a pivotal hub for investment, climate action, and rich natural resources. 

She emphasized that Miftah is in a position to offer clients outstanding opportunities by combining leisure and investment in this dynamic African landscape.

“Miftah Africa is opening a new dimension of limitless lifestyle to our luxury clients. As Africa becomes a focal point globally for investment, climate action, and natural resources, we offer our clients unparalleled opportunities for both leisure and investment. 

“Our services introduce them to Africa’s splendid fauna and flora, diverse cuisines, and unmatched cultural experiences.

“We excel in creating convenience and efficiencies that allow our clients to maximize their time and investment,” Nkwe stated

The continent’s vast potential not only caters to discerning lifestyles but also offers a unique stage for investment and climate-conscious endeavors, making it an ideal setting for Miftah’s services.