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Liquid Dataport, Intelsat Partner for Reliable and Uninterrupted Digital Access Across Africa

Liquid Dataport, a division of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a leading pan-African technology group, has partnered with Intelsat, one of the world’s largest satellite service providers. 

This collaboration aims to enhance fast and reliable connectivity in Africa, particularly during power disruptions.

One of the key components of this collaboration is Liquid’s service called ‘Service Continuity’. 

This service enables organisations to sustain critical business applications even during power outages. 

This is achieved by utilizing Liquid Dataport’s low-power satellite equipment, which operates on solar panels or small generators.

These services are already being provided in South Africa, with an emphasis on mitigating load-shedding challenges. 

Load shedding is a practice that disperses the demand for electrical power across various sources. 

It lessens strain on an energy source during periods when the demand for electricity surpasses the available supply.

Speaking about the collaboration, David Eurin, the Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Dataport stated,

Pioneering Collaboration for Seamless Digital Connectivity in Africa

“Access to high-speed connectivity is critical to the digital transformation in Africa, as the continent works towards becoming a digital economy. 

“However, the impact of intermittent availability of electricity in recent years is a major hurdle in Africa becoming a digital economy. 

“However, due to our collaboration with Intelsat, we can now help businesses remain connected even during the hours of load-shedding. 

He added that this project is crucial for narrowing the digital divide, ensuring businesses remain unaffected by connectivity downtime.

Rhys Morgan, VP General Manager, EMEA Media and Networks Sales, Intelsat also stated that, 

“The benefits of satellite technology are limitless. 

“Leveraging our global network, we look forward to supporting Liquid Dataport’s efforts for businesses in South Africa in minimizing disruptions caused by load shedding.” 

Liquid Dataport actively broadens its product range and expands into new markets, particularly those with unreliable power access.

This commitment involves reaching regions lacking reliable power sources and demonstrating Liquid Dataport’s determination to enhance accessibility.

This joint relationship further enhances the customers’ ability to operate anywhere on the continent. 

Additionally it aligns with Liquid’s goal of connecting all of Africa digitally, leaving no one behind.