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Kontinental Energy Services (KES) and Gulfstream Services Inc. (GSI) Partner to Serve African Oil and Gas Markets

Kontinental Energy Services (KES) has teamed up with Gulfstream Services Inc. (GSI), a US company in the oil and gas industry.

The aim of the partnership is to strengthen KES’ capacity to support the development of oil and gas projects across Africa.

At the same time, the partnership is expected to help GSI expand its operations worldwide.

GSI operates in 22 countries, offering solutions for all stages of a well’s life, including drilling, completions, production, well intervention, and decommissioning.

As per the agreement’s terms, GSI will supply a range of rental tools and equipment.

This includes a comprehensive line of High-Pressure Standard Services, H2S Services Chiksan® Equipment, low-pressure piping, and hoses.

Additionally, they will provide cargo boxes, baskets, and custom-designed racks for operators and services companies.

Moreover, GSI will offer a restraint system designed to limit the movement of temporary flow iron in case of an unplanned release of pressure.

This system adds an extra layer of safety to the operations involving pressure-sensitive equipment.

GSI will also offer a comprehensive third-party iron management program to optimise customer-owned assets for peak performance.

This includes cementing, coil tubing, HWO, and flowback support packages

The partnership will further establish workstation hubs across the continent to ensure proactive maintenance of equipment and facilitate technical training.

Elevating African Energy

While giving his remarks, Rae Tanyi, the Executive Director of KES stated,

“We are excited to partner with a leading US-based company with extensive expertise in oil and gas service delivery.

“This partnership underscores the instrumental role that global collaboration plays in supporting the development of local firms.

“With the support of GSI, KES is committed to providing cost-effective services to the Namibian and African oil and gas industry.

“We look forward to working with additional service companies to support our broader ambitions to drive economic growth, create jobs and develop local content in Africa.”

This partnership stands as proof of the positive impact of collaboration between the United States and Africa.

It will aid various projects for international, national, major, and independent energy companies.

KES, with the tools from GSI, will contribute to oilfield operations in countries like Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia, Nigeria, and other markets with significant discoveries and assets.

Beyond supporting the development of billion-barrel discoveries, this collaboration aims to boost job creation, local content development, and transfer skills within the industry.

As a result, it will help bring African indigenous firms to the forefront of the Oilfield Services (OFS) industry.