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Home » Kobo360 Appoints Ciku Mugambi as New CEO 

Kobo360 Appoints Ciku Mugambi as New CEO 

Kobo360 Appoints Ciku Mugambi as New CEO 

Kobo360, a Nigerian startup that offers integrated logistics solutions has named Ciku Mugambi as its new CEO.

Mugambi, who was previously the company’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) takes over from its founding CEO, Obi Ozor, who left the position to serve as the Commissioner of Transport in the state of Enugu.

Speaking on her appointment, Mugambi thanked her predecessor for his years of dedication toward enhancing inter-regional trade through technology and noted that she was ready to continue the company’s journey.

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The new role as Kobo360’s head will add to the list of high-profile jobs she has held in several notable organizations in the sphere of investments.

“I am honored to be tasked with continuing the company’s journey. Obi has been a powerful advocate for the company, and we thank him for his hard work and visionary mission,” she said in a statement.

Ciku Mugambi’s Portfolio 

Her career dates back to 2010 when she worked at KPMG East Africa in several capacities including as a manager in Nairobi.

At the time, she helped the company execute its mandate to its clientele in matters including financial due diligence, finance modeling, and business valuation- among others.

Mugambi would later join the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in 2017 based in Lagos, Nigeria, and worked in various ranks including as an investment analyst and as an Associate Investment Officer.

It was during her time at IFC that she oversaw investments in venture capital and seed stages across the Sub-Saharan region and thereby earning her vast experience before joining Kobo360 in 2021 as the Chief of Staff and Investor Relations.

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Joining her in the leadership of the new era in Kobo360 is Ayo Fashina, the company’s former Chief Finance Officer (CFO) who was naked as the new COO.

Kobo360 Mission 

Founded in 2018, Kobo360 has established itself as a valuable solution to the shortcomings in Africa’s supply chain by enabling seamless movement of goods.

Its digital platform connects manufacturers and cargo owners with truck operators and thus reducing the constraints in accessing logistic solutions in the supply chain.

The goal, according to the startup, is to accelerate sustainable development by offering a streamlined delivery of finished goods and raw materials in Africa.

So far, Kobo has established operations in seven countries namely African countries; Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso.