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Kenya Ready for Africa Energy Forum, aef2023 to be Held in Nairobi for the First Time

Kenya Ready for Africa Energy Forum, aef2023 to be Held in Nairobi for the First Time

The Africa Energy Forum, aef2023 is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and this year marks a significant milestone as it takes place in mainland Africa for the very first time. 

Kenya’s capital city will play host to the high-level anticipated summit, known as aef2023, from June 20th to 23rd. 

The country’s Energy Minister Davis Chirchir underscored Kenya’s position in transforming Africa’s energy landscape.

“The African continent is receiving a transformation in its energy landscape and Kenya is at the forefront of this transition,” the CS said.

In a press conference on Friday, Chirchir emphasised that the primary objective of the forum is to encourage engaging discussions regarding the energy requirements in Africa.

As in previous years, aef2023 aims to bring together a range of stakeholders, including governments, utilities, regulators, development finance institutions, among others from across Africa and around the world.  

In addition, with delegates from an average of 82 countries, this year’s energy forum promises to be just as international and vibrant.

The program will consist of enriching activities, including high-level panel discussions, interactive workshops, and engaging boardroom sessions.

Furthermore, the aef2023 offers a networking opportunity for industry players to connect, exchange insights, and explore new financing models. 

Without a doubt, aef2023 presents itself as the world’s biggest opportunity for investors in the African energy sector.

aef2023: Africa for Africa

With the overarching theme of ‘Africa for Africa,’ aef2023 centres its agenda around multiple crucial strategic domains. 

The primary objectives revolve around the expansion of renewable energy endeavours, dismantling obstacles in energy transition within the mining sector by advocating for new energy solutions, showcasing Africa’s remarkable potential as a global leader in hydrogen energy, and addressing pivotal aspects such as gas utilisation, capital flows, and risk management.

Furthermore, these discussions seek to propel projects forward, cultivate partnerships, and provide assistance for business development throughout the entire continent.

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