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Kenya Discovers Vast Coltan Reserves Used to Make Gadgets

The government of Kenya on Wednesday, January 24 announced the discovery of Coltan, a precious mineral used in making technological gadget’s.

The Minister for Mining, Blue Economy and Marine Affairs, Salim Mvurya made the announcement in Embu County.

During the announcement, the Minister acknowledged that the country has six counties with deposits of Coltan after an aerial geosurvey of the whole country

“It’s now official. We have Coltan deposits in the country and we want to see how we can inspire investors,” he said.

Coltan is one of the most critical and strategic minerals used in manufacturing of technological gadgets. These gadget’s include phones, cameras, electronics, semi-conductors and computer amongst others.

This discovery positions Kenya as an emerging titan in the arena of global mining sector

During the announcement, the Minister said the government was assessing the economic viability of the mineral.

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Kenya unveils Coltan

Kenya’s Underground Wealth

Likewise, he revealed that so far 970 mineral occurrences have been noted across the country. The Minister revealed that the latest discovery, Mining would kick off soon.

The 970 minerals include industrial, base, precious, rare, and radioactive minerals, gemstones, construction and building materials, and geothermal resources. These minerals are classified as “potential prospects”. Their nature, economic viability and total worth are yet to be fully established

Kenyan Mining stakeholder carrying Coltan

“We shall be setting up laboratories services in eight regions where we shall be testing samples and declaring the quality of minerals found in a particular region,” he said.

The discovery of substantial deposits of Coltan mineral in Kenya marks one of the most significant milestone in the country’s mining sector.

At the Moment, Mining in Kenya yields high-grade quantities of gold, copper, ilmenite and tantalum.

Kenya is also an important source of non-metallic minerals including soda ash, limestone, salt, niobium, fluorspar and fossil fuels.

Coltans Economic Viability to Kenya

Kenya’s mining industry presently contributes less than one percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

However, it has the potential to significantly boost the country’s economy by contributing between 4 to 10 percent, equivalent to a high of  $11.04 billion based on 2021 GDP figures from the World Bank

Overall, the discovery of Coltan  presents a unique opportunity for Kenya to enhance its economy and extraordinarily transform the lives of its citizens.

Kenya unveils Coltan