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Kenya, Colombia Sign 15 Cooperation Deals

Kenya, Colombia Sign 15 Cooperation Deals

Kenya’s Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua signed fifteen trade deals with his Colombian Counterpart, Franca Marquez Mina in Bogota, Colombia.

The two leaders attended a high-level Colombia-Business Forum at the chamber of commerce office in Bogota to expound on many investment opportunities in Kenya.

“Kenya and Colombia have a lot to learn from each other, With stronger ties between the two nations opportunities for trade, education, cultural exchanges, among others around,” Rigathi Gachagua- Kenya Deputy President.

At the same time, the two vice presidents also developed a joint cooperation to deepen the ties between the two countries in different sectors such as education, tourism, culture among others.

“Today, within the framework of the official visit of the Kenyan government headed by Vice President Rigathi Gachagua to Colombia, the joint Cooperation Commission (COMIXTA) was developed for the first time between government of both Countries, to deepen ties commercial, education, culture, tourism, science and technology,” Franca Marquez Mina-Colombia Vice President

As a result of the COMIXTA, the two leaders agreed to sign 15 areas of cooperation between Colombia and Kenya such as trade and investment, partial scope of agreement on trade issues, strengthening small SMEs, gender and affirmative action among others.

“These bilateral meetings translate into actions that strengthen our government strategies. This is the way to advance our commitment to the South-South relationship,” Franca Marquez Mina- Colombia Vice President.

Currently, Kenya is an anchor state for Eastern Africa, it’s also among the strongest economies in the continent. The cooperation agreements are expected to mutually benefit the two countries especially in trade opportunities.

Kenya to Promote Coffee During G77 Summit in Cuba

Kenya’s Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua is on a week-long trip to Colombia to market Kenya’s position among the world’s top coffee producers, he is also expected to address the G77 summit on behalf of President William Ruto.

Colombia is the world leader in specialty coffee, producing and exporting to high value markets such as the United States, Germany and Belgium.

Kenya is also trying to follow Colombia’s strategies in coffee marketing by adding value to its Coffee in order to export to bigger markets.

Currently, Colombia produces about 12 percent of the world’s coffee, making it to the third largest producers in the world.

Gachagua’s visit to Colombia is part of Kenya’s President William Ruto in spearheading Coffee reforms in the agricultural sector.

Kenya is planning to increase coffee production from the current 51,000 tonnes per year to 260 tonnes over the next five years.

Kenya’s Deputy is expected to use the opportunity to lobby for support for Kenya’s bid to host the inaugural Africa Coffee Producers Forum next year.

On the sidelines, Kenya’s Deputy is expected to hold bilateral talks with Colombian President, Gustavo Petro Urrego.