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Jetstream Africa Launches AI-Powered Platform to Transform Cross-Border Trade in Africa

Jetstream Africa, a Ghanaian company has launched an artificial intelligence-enabled platform called 

This program uses artificial intelligence (AI), and its aim is to help with cross-border trade in Africa. It also helps with tracking shipments and managing them better. 

Local banks will use to give finances to businesses that are considered creditworthy. 

They will start by financing businesses in West Africa, then move to other parts of the region.

It helps connect Africa’s 50,000 freight forwarders and 2 million businesses that export and import goods. It also connects with other services like insurance and payments to support trade.

The company helped move more than 700 containers in 2023. It plans to work in 13 more big trading markets in Africa soon.

Jetstream Africa started in 2018, and quickly became an important part of Africa’s electronic logistics industry. 

They have many customers in West Africa and have gotten financial support from various  investors. 

This new system is a big deal because it’s meant to make trading across African borders much smoother and quicker. 

Before this system, Jetstream used another tool called Jetvision 1.0, which helped them grow a lot. 

With, they’re hoping to help even more businesses trade better.

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While giving her remarks, Dede Miishe Addy, the CEO of Jetstream Africa said,

“ represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to supporting Africa’s trade ecosystem. 

“By integrating AI into our operations, we’re not only optimizing logistics and financing. We are also empowering businesses everywhere to thrive in the global market.

Solomon Torbgor, Chief Operations Officer of Jetstream added,

“Before Jetvision, most of our operations were managed on spreadsheets, emails and WhatsApp chats. 

“When we launched the platform internally, we saw how quickly our ground operations teams embraced it. 

“Within a few weeks, they were going back to it multiple times a day to manage and track shipments.

“We added finance and accounting features mid-year, and it was a game changer in improving collaboration between our operations and finance teams. 

That showed us a path forward to open up Jetvision to the full industry.” 

With, they aim to make trading in Africa more efficient and sustainable. They believe that using artificial intelligence will help them meet the future needs of trading in Africa even better.