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Grace Akinyi Wins 2024 Mining Innovation & Research Battlefield

Grace Akinyi Wins 2024 Mining Innovation & Research Battlefield

Grace Akinyi has emerged as the winner of the 2024 Mining Innovation & Research Battlefield out of five finalists.

Akinyi is the Founder of Women in Mining Kenya.

Five finalists presented their concepts at the world’s largest African mining investment event, Mining Indaba,  on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

Laura Cornish, Head of Content at Mining Indaba, praised all finalists for their compelling innovations and research contributions.

“The concepts presented this year were very strong and each has the potential for a positive impact in the landscape of the just energy transition.

It’s clear that this Battlefield process is highly successful in gathering innovative ideas and people for collaboration and solutions, and it adds a valuable dimension to the Mining Indaba program,” said Cornish.

Her Eco Green Gold

The event sought to answer two significant questions.

What are the innovative responsible collaborations between large-scale mining and artisanal mining and how can these be applied to the just energy transition?

Akinyi’s concept titled ‘Her Eco Green Gold’ revolves around the empowerment of women in artisanal mining.

In this case, biodegradable gloves are used to combat mercury contamination.

The gloves offer defense against mercury contamination, a persistent issue in mining communities.

Akinyi has bagged a USD$25,000 research grant, sponsored by BHP Xplor.

Over the next 12 months, Grace will develop her concept, aiming to create a lasting impact in the mining sector.

Who Were the Events Organisers?

The event, organised by the Development Partner Institute (DPI) and Investing in African Mining Indaba, celebrates outstanding ideas and solutions that promise to revolutionize the mining industry.

The Mining Innovation & Research Battlefield serves as a high-profile platform for innovators and researchers to exchange ideas.

This year’s challenge focused on identifying collaborative opportunities between large-scale, small-scale, and artisanal mining.

The drive for this year’s challenge was to align these collaborations with the global shift toward clean energy.

Solving Challenges, Equipping Innovators

Florence Drummond, Executive Director of DPI, said the event’s dual purpose is solving intractable challenges and nurturing bright innovators.

According to Drummond, the Mining Innovation & Research Battlefield is meant to equip visionaries like Grace Akinyi to shape the future of mining sustainably.

The 2025 Battlefield Challenge will be announced towards the end of 2024.