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Google Launches First Africa Cloud Region in Johannesburg South Africa

Google has launched its inaugural Africa cloud region in Johannesburg, South Africa, and offered immediate accessibility to customers.

This initiative enables businesses across the continent to use fast, safe, and close-by cloud services

In a statement, Niral Patel, the Director of Google Cloud Africa stated,

“Today, we’re announcing the Johannesburg cloud region in South Africa is ready for customer use.

“Businesses of all sizes across the continent now have access to high-performance, secure and low-latency cloud services.

“We will host a launch event in Johannesburg later this year to celebrate the opening of the cloud region. We will also showcase the transformative potential it holds for businesses across the continent.”

In 2022, the company announced plans to construct Dedicated Cloud Interconnect sites in Africa, to connecting users’ networks with Google’s grid.

The company stated that the sites would be in Nairobi, Lagos, and South Africa (Capetown and Johannesburg).

This would in turn offer full cloud capabilities to customers and partners in Africa.

Additionally, the company will use its private subsea cable, Equiano, which links Africa and Europe, to power these sites.

The new Google Cloud region in Johannesburg will speed up the African tech world.

Businesses can now scale, innovate, and compete globally with the resources available in the Google Cloud region in Johannesburg.

Apart from infrastructure and services, the company will also offer training on new cloud technologies and sustainable business practices.

Individuals and businesses have joined training programs like Cloud OnBoard, Cloud Hero, and Google Hustle Academy.

These cover topics like generative AI (gen AI), machine learning (ML), modernizing applications and infrastructure, data and analytics, and digital marketing.

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Google Cloud Transforming Digital Landscapes in Africa

Organizations, partners, and current Google Cloud users in Africa have expressed excitement about the launch of the Johannesburg region.

“As a company that’s committed to creating financial satisfaction in emerging markets, we’ve seen incredible scale and impact owing to Google Cloud’s infrastructure.

“The new cloud region brings our services closer to millions of people who need it. Moreover, it sets the pace for much bigger digital transformation across Africa.

“Powered by our collaboration with Google Cloud, people experience payments and digital banking differently everyday through our products.

“We’re excited to scale this impact to more markets with greater support from the new Google Cloud region,” stated Felix Ike, Chief Technology Officer, of Moneypoint.

Based on research by AlphaBeta Economics for Google Cloud, the South Africa cloud region is predicted to add over $2.1 billion to South Africa’s GDP and generate more than 40,000 jobs by 2030.

In 2022, Patel mentioned that the cloud region would let customers decide where to store data and access cloud services.

This choice becomes crucial as countries like Kenya enforce privacy and data laws. They require data to be stored and processed within their borders, using local servers.

Google now has 40 cloud regions and 106 zones worldwide. They have joined AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle in having cloud regions in South Africa.