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Google for Startups Selects 24 AI Health Innovators

Google for Startups has selected 24 startups for the 2024 Growth Academy: AI for Health initiative.

The program targets high-potential businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). It supports companies using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve medical research and healthcare.

Kenya’s Thalia Psychotherapy and TibuHealth are leading this team. Also notable are Nigeria’s Healthtracka and South Africa’s Zoie Health.

These startups showcase AI’s potential in tackling healthcare challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their innovations range from mental health integration to accessible outpatient services.

According to the World Health Organization, over 116 million people in Africa live with mental health conditions. There are fewer than two mental health workers per 100,000 people.

Thalia Psychotherapy’s AI-powered chatbot provides assessments and therapy sessions. This increases access to mental health support in a region with few professionals.

TibuHealth delivers affordable outpatient services via “minute clinics” in partner pharmacies in high-density neighborhoods.

While making her remarks, Dorothy Ooko, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Google Africa, said,

““We are committed to supporting the growth of innovative startups, particularly those that are leveraging AI to address critical healthcare challenges.

“The Growth Academy: AI for Health program is a testament to this commitment, and we are excited to see the impact these startups will have on the future of healthcare.”

Participants will undergo three months of training, mentorship, and networking. Workshops will also cover AI best practices, leadership development, responsible innovation, product design, and customer acquisition.

Additionally, Google experts from Research, Health, Verily, Fitbit, and DeepMind will offer personalized mentorship and technical support.

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Startups Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

Startups from 13 countries in EMEA are improving patient care and medical research with AI. Aide (UK) manages chronic diseases, while AmplifAI (Saudi Arabia) assesses diabetic foot ulcers.

Biorce (Portugal) enhances clinical trials, and C the Signs (UK) predicts early-stage cancer. Callyope (France) monitors mental health via speech, and (Netherlands) uses precision nutrition for diabetes.

Ephion Health (Spain) develops digital biomarkers, and Exakt Health (Germany) offers a physiotherapy app. FiveLives (France) focuses on brain health for seniors, while Healthtracka (Nigeria) provides remote diagnostics.

HearMe (Poland) supports employee mental health, and Juniver (UK) aids eating disorders with AI. Mindgram (Poland) offers holistic psychological support, and Motherbeing (Egypt) focuses on women’s health.

Noah Labs (Germany) detects heart failure early, and Nui (Germany) supports caregivers. O7 Therapy (Egypt) provides mental health support, while Powerful Medical (Slovakia) advances cardiovascular diagnostics.

Research Grid (UK) automates clinical trials, and Rofim (France) offers telemedicine. SYCAI Medical (Spain) prevents abdominal cancer.

Thalia Psychotherapy (Kenya) integrates mental health into primary care. TibuHealth (Kenya) provides outpatient services. Zoie Health (South Africa) offers affordable healthcare.