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Home » Flutterwave Upgrades Send App to Facilitate Seamless Remittances for Africans Abroad

Flutterwave Upgrades Send App to Facilitate Seamless Remittances for Africans Abroad

Flutterwave Upgrades Send App to Facilitate Seamless Remittances for Africans Abroad

Flutterwave, a leading African payments technology company, has unveiled an upgrade to its Send Mobile product – Send App by Flutterwave. 

This update seeks to improve and accelerate the process of transferring money from individuals living abroad to their family members in Africa, providing a more economical method.

The rebranding follows a notable rise in remittances to the continent, which have grown two-fold in the last ten years.

According to the United Nations, the remittances are set to exceed $100 billion soon.

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These funds are essential in meeting the healthcare, education, and lifestyle requirements of more than 200 million African family members.

Expanding its offerings, the Send App now covers transfers from the US and Canada, and has newly integrated Egypt and Sénégal as recipient nations in its network. 

Since its inception in 2021, Send by Flutterwave enables swift, open, and safe transactions, empowering the African Diaspora to overcome distances and uphold strong ties with their native land. 

Transforming Money Transfers

The Send App by Flutterwave has transformed the process of sending money, converting it into a way to show care and provide help, ultimately making a positive impact on the welfare of beloved individuals.

Flutterwave is dedicated to helping diaspora communities maintain ties to their roots, while ensuring transparency, reasonable fees, robust security, and prompt delivery.

Its notable features include real-time assistance and live exchange rate updates, an improved activity section for monitoring transactions in real time, and an innovative voucher code feature that provides users with transaction discounts.

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While talking about the relaunch, send lead products manager,  Temioluwa Adesina stated that the company has always desired to make Send App the best solution for Africans living abroad. 

“I am thrilled that we are launching it now, enabling millions of Africans, both locally and overseas, to conveniently, securely, and swiftly support and interact with each other through money transfers on the Send App,” he added. 

The company’s CEO, Olugbenga Agboola stated that they were thrilled to help Africans maintain a seamless connection with their loved ones, despite their location. 

“Regardless of where we are as Africans, our bonds with home are strong, and we continually strive to back, appreciate, and stay in touch with our dear ones. 

“We are thrilled to assist the over 160 million African diaspora members in their quest for a seamless and secure connection with home through speedy money transfers via the Send App,” Agboola stated. 

He further added that they are committed to simplifying payments for unlimited potential, and that the Send App is a crucial stride towards that aim.