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Home » Egyptian e-Health Start-up Rology Acquires Saudi Firm Arkan United 

Egyptian e-Health Start-up Rology Acquires Saudi Firm Arkan United 

Egyptian e-Health Start-up Rology Acquires Saudi Firm Arkan United

Rology, an Egyptian eHealth start-up has completed the takeover of Arkan United, a Saudi Arabian-based teleradiology company. 

In a statement seen by Emerging Brand Africa, Rology’s CEO Amr Abodriaa confirmed that both companies had reached a deal that would see the Egypt-based firm take over Arkan’s operations. 

Furthermore, Abodriaa noted that the acquisition would be instrumental in the firm’s efforts to expand its wings in the Middle East region. 

According to him, the acquisition will allow Rology to carry on with its legacy of revolutionizing patient care services. 

“By combining Rology’s cutting-edge technology and network with Arkan’s established expertise, we’re poised to revolutionize the field of teleradiology and improve patient care in unprecedented ways,” Abodriaa stated. 

On his part, Arkan’s CEO Tarik Baeshen expressed his confidence in Rology’s capacity to steer Saudi’s healthcare to the next level. 

Baeshen lauded Arkan for its achievement in the Kingdom’s healthcare system adding that Rology’s entry would guarantee further breakthrough. 

“What is clear to me is that Rology has the right people and the right disruptive solution that the Saudi healthcare system truly needs,” Baeshen noted.  

Rology’s Rise

Rology started in 2017 to address the global shortage of cardiologists. 

Since then, the company has saved over 500,000 lives from Egypt to Kenya courtesy of its cloud-based platform that connects patients with remote cardiologists. 

Moreover, in April, Rology received a major boost after a successful fundraiser that powered its expansion to Saudi Arabia.

“Arkan United caters to the varying needs of medical centers, local hospitals and polyclinics. Arkan United ensures quick and reliable reporting at par with international standards.

Our internationally recognized team of radiologists use their expertise and knowledge to provide a top of line service.

Equipped with the state-of-art systems , our focus is optimizing your radiology reporting needs,” read part of Arkan United’s statement on its website.