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Dyque Launches World’s First 5-in-1 AI-Powered Solar System

Dyque, an African energy technology manufacturer, has launched Dyque Cube in Nigeria. It is the world’s first 5-in-1 AI-empowered system. 

Its aim is to revolutionize the energy sector, and offer green power solutions in emerging markets like Africa.

The system combines solar-powered intelligent solar solutions with automatic equipment.

Its E turbo energy battery tech tackles energy problems in Nigeria, making it run quietly, cool naturally, and work with both solar and grid systems.

While giving his remarks on the Launch, Andy Yan, the Founder and CEO of Dyque, stated, 

“Today, we stand at the threshold of innovation, technology, sustainability, and a brighter future for every Nigerian.”

The product has advanced features like 5 layers of battery protection for safety and durability. 

Additionally, It has a capacity of 280Ah, V2X bi-directional charging, and a long-lasting battery. 

Dyque Cube can also charge electric cars and still act as a mobile power bank.

Moreover, Dyque has its 0ms switch over time. This means that Dyque Cube can switch instantly. As a result, important electronics like servers won’t lose power.

Andy Yan, who was excited about the launch added, 

“At Dyque, we believe in leading quality and innovation in the green energy sector. This commitment is reflected in every product and solution we create. 

“We are therefore proud to showcase our solar-powered intelligent innovations, the Dyque Cube, and the Dyque Energy App. 

“Together they will usher in a new era of sustainable and efficient energy solutions.”

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Dyque Cube Powering Africa’s Future

The Dyque Energy App works with Dyque Cube. It takes only 5 minutes to set up and has an AI mode which helps users control their energy use well. 

The app tracks utility rates and uses AI to make schedules. This saves money and makes things more efficient for users.

Dyque follows ISO 9001 standards when making products. It offers one-on-one support to customers before, during, and after buying. It also has a team that’s always working to make things better.

Dyque aims to bring its new energy solutions to Africa’s growing markets, helping both small and big businesses.

With this product, Dyque wants to give homes and businesses sustainable, efficient, and easy-to-get green power. It also helps communities and industries grow using green technology. 

This new solution helps the environment and lets communities use solar power more and use less fossil fuels.