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DRC Mining Week 2024: Advancing Sustainable Growth in the DRC and Copperbelt Region

The DRC Mining Week 2024 officially kicked off on Wednesday, June 12th, at the Grand Karavia Hotel in Lubumbashi. 

This event is set to run until June 14th. It brings together over 1,300 delegates from the mining industry across Africa and globally. 

It aims to fuel the economic growth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Copperbelt region.

On this second day, discussions shifted towards building a sustainable future for the DRC through strategic, development-oriented initiatives. 

A panel of industry experts, moderated by Guy Muswil, Executive of HSE and Sustainability at Kamoa Copper SA, explored the prospects and challenges within the nation’s mining sector.

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Experts Highlight Strategies and Global Trends for DRC Mining

John Dunlop, Director of USAID Mission for the US Government, emphasized the importance of adopting best practices from global mining leaders. 

He stressed the need for a balance between social responsibility, environmental preservation, and economic growth to maximize the sector’s benefits.

Bertrand Montembault, a Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills, highlighted the rapid adaptations necessitated by the COVID-19 crisis. 

He noted the emergence of new legislative trends. These trends focus on critical minerals, promoting competition, and considering the influence of other industry players. 

Montembault also highlighted the importance of fostering competition while adhering to international regulations.

Popol Mabolia, Director General of the Mining Cadastre in DRC, highlighted the potential for the DRC to leverage global trends. 

This is by adopting advanced mining technologies and improving regulatory frameworks. He advocated for fostering international partnerships to bring in expertise and investment. This would in turn enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the DRC’s mining operations.

Louis Watum, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kipushi Corporation SA, pointed to the increasing global demand for key minerals, influenced by geopolitical dynamics. 

He highlighted the need for the DRC to stay informed on current trends and adjust strategies to remain competitive and capitalize on new opportunities.

The discussions at DRC Mining Week 2024 underscore the critical importance of sustainable practices and regulatory improvements in mining.

Strategic international partnerships are crucial in shaping the future of the DRC’s mining industry, ensuring growth and efficiency.