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DRC Mining Week 2023: Key Highlights and All You Need to Know

The DRC Mining Week 2023 kicked off on Wednesday June 14, and offers industry players a premium opportunity to engage, interact and share knowledge.

The high-level conference themed ‘Recognising DRC Mining’s Triumphs and Victories’ is a forum to celebrate DRC’s mining achievements.

Motemona Gibolum Gorard, the country’s Vice-Minister, Ministry of Mines, opened the 18th edition of the largest mining event on the Copperbelt.

Moreover, Gorard underscored the impact of DRC’s progress in streamlining the mining industry through reforms.

“We are seeing that mining companies have embraced the reforms in the sector. Their compliance has brought security to their operations resulting in increased productivity.”

The three-day summit is sponsored by Glencore, one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of copper.

Glencore extracts and process copper ore in South America, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Australia

Clint Donkin, Head of Glencore Copper Africa said, “We are looking forward to engaging with delegates and representatives from across the globe to discuss ways to continue developing the DRC as one of the world’s mining hubs whilst supporting responsible environmental and social stewardship.”

On the second day of the summit, delegates focused on the dominance of foreign capital investments in the mining value chain and the enhancement of local finance.

There were also rallying calls for women in mining to discuss and explore the solutions for inclusion and integration.

Further, delegates discussed financial opportunities available and inclusion in the DRC for SMEs and large operations.

You can live stream the DRC Mining Week on Emerging Brand Africa Website, or follow our social media platforms for real-time updates.

DRC is a key player in the mining sector not only in Africa but around the world.