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Boost and Mastercard Join Forces to Empower Ghanaian Small Businesses

Boost, a Ghanaian B2B e-commerce

In a groundbreaking move set to reshape the landscape of small business commerce in Ghana, Boost, a leading B2B commerce startup, has forged a strategic partnership with global payment technology giant Mastercard.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize how small businesses operate and thrive in the Ghanaian market. At the same time it aims in addressing critical challenges and unlocking new opportunities for growth.

Boost founded in 2020, has developed a B2B commerce platform. The platform aims to power growth for millions of retail entrepreneurs in the convenience economy.

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Boost Partnership

The partnership between Boost and Mastercard is a testament to their shared commitment to empowering small businesses. Likewise, driving economic development in Ghana.

Boost will leverage expertise in B2B commerce and Mastercard’s advanced payment solutions. The collaboration will introduce innovative financial tools. More so, digital infrastructure to the local business ecosystem.

Small businesses in Ghana have long faced obstacles. They include limited access to capital, inefficient payment systems, and inadequate digital infrastructure.

However, with Boost and Mastercard’s combined capabilities. These challenges are poised to become opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Mastercard Opportunities

In addition, Mastercard’s technology, small businesses will gain access to faster, more secure payment processing. This will enable them to streamline operations and improve cash flow management.

This strategic collaboration aims to provide financial institutions with the capability to issue digital payment solutions. On the other hand, expand into the micro-retail space. At the same time, empowering merchants to digitise payments and access working capital.

Furthermore, it will ensure a broader array of FMCG products for consumers. This will come with easier product payments through the availability of digital payment solutions.

“We are thrilled to enter into this scaling partnership with Mastercard in pursuit of Boost’s mission to enable small businesses to thrive in the digital economy, to create sustainable jobs and income,” said Mike Quinn, co-founder and CEO of Boost.

Additionally, Boost will provide tailored support and services to help businesses. They will leverage these new tools effectively and capitalize on emerging market trends.

Boost and Mastercard partnership represents a significant milestone in the journey to empower Ghanaian small businesses.

By combining forces, the two industry leaders will catalyze positive change, drive innovation, and fostering economic empowerment in Ghana’s vibrant business community.

As the collaboration unfolds, the impact on small businesses and the broader economy is expected to be profound. They will usher in a new era of growth and opportunity for all stakeholders involved.