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AIF2023: Unlocking Africa’s Value Chains


The AIF2023 edition of the Africa Investment Forum (AIF), under the patronage of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI, commenced on Wednesday, November, 8 in Marrakech, Morocco

The high level event brought together Heads-of-State, decision-makers, multinationals, and investors for a three-day event under the theme “Unlocking Africa’s Value Chains.”

AIF2023 event aims to be the continent’s most important economic meeting platform. It helps  to bring significant value added to investors by connecting them to opportunities amid a substantial transformation of Africa.

A value chain is the combination of activities a business undertakes to move a product or service along its life cycle, including design, marketing, distribution, and customer support.

AIF, Established in 2018. It has garnered nearly $143 billion in investment since its inception . Likewise, its annual dynamic Market Days event has brought together global investors, development finance institutions, and industry and government leaders.

The Africa Investment Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform focusing on continental deal making. It also  helps to facilitate connections between project sponsors, policymakers, and investors. So far it has mobilized $142bn in investment interest since 2018.

The AIF2023 transactional framework aims to offer suitable investment mechanisms for investors in emerging markets. It also aims to align them with Sustainable Development Goals, African Development Bank (AfDB) High 5s, and the African Union’s Agenda 2063, enabling capital channeling into critical sectors.

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African sovereign wealth funds, new drivers of development

Africa has some 20 sovereign wealth funds, innovative vehicles for financing the private sector and development projects.

The funds are intended to have a dual impact: both financial profitability and generating economic, social, and environmental impact. These are important in contributing to sustainable development and job creation.

According to Benchaâboun, director general of the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment the new generation of sovereign wealth funds are shaping the future of the continent and Africans must take the reins of their development.

“Truly strategic instruments of the State, successful sovereign wealth funds are the vehicles that speak the language of the private sector while working to the priorities of the public sector,” said Mr Benchaâboun, Morocco’s former Minister of Economy and Finance.

The Mohammed VI Fund for Investment offers innovative financing mechanism to Moroccan businesses.

Experts explore ways for Africa to leverage its strategic minerals

Experts gathered at the Africa Investment Forum explored ways to harness Africa’s strategic mineral wealth for the continent’s development, particularly by adding value by processing minerals before export.

The expert’s were speaking at a panel session under the “Strategic Minerals: Financing a New Era of Global Prosperity” in Marrakesh, Morocco.

AIF2023 is Africa’s principal investment marketplace, organized by the African Development Bank and seven partners to mobilize strategic project investments by involving the private sector.

During the session, the panelists agreed that Africa is rich in strategic minerals. They include rare-earths, ilithium, graphite, bauxite, manganese and cobalt, all essential for modern technologies.

However, harnessing the value of these minerals requires investment in infrastructure, innovation and sustainable practices.

Africa’s strategic minerals need to be processed before they are exported. This is how value chains and jobs are created for local populations.

At the same time, the expert’s also explored ways to harness Africa’s strategic mineral wealth for the continent’s development.

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African Investment Forum

The Africa Investment Forum is a multi-stakeholder, and multi-disciplinary platform. The platform advances projects to bankable stages, raises capital, and accelerates deals to financial closure.

Its vision is to channel capital towards critical sectors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, it needs to achieve the African Development Bank’s High 5s and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

Since it’s launch in 2018, the Africa Investment Forum has mobilized nearly $143 billion in investment interest.

Its centrepiece is the annual three-day Market Days event. The event brings together thousands of global investors, heads of development finance, and business and government leaders to advance critical investment transactions to closure.