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Home » AGRF 2023: Africa Food Summit Adopts Three Resolutions in Tanzania

AGRF 2023: Africa Food Summit Adopts Three Resolutions in Tanzania

AGRF 2023: Africa Food Summit Adopts Three Resolutions in Tanzania

The African Food Systems Forum (AGRF) 2023 concluded on Friday, September 8 with leaders adopting three resolutions in Dar-es salaam, Tanzania

During the AGRF 2023, leaders also committed to a more inclusive and resilient food systems for Africa and the world to help transform food systems.

The African Food Systems Forum is the premier platform for advancing the agriculture and food systems agenda on the continent from food security to agriculture food investments.

The four-day conference brought about 5,400 participants from around the world to discuss issues around the African food systems, confronting the effects of the pandemic, Russia-Ukraine war and climate change, among other global challenges.

Tanzania was the first host of the AGRF 2023 since its rebranding to Africa’s Food Systems forum in 2022.

Recover, Regenerate and ActAGRF 2023

Notably, the forum adopted three resolutions namely Recover, Regenerate and Act. The three which are the themes of the year seek to help Africa’s solutions to Food Systems Transformation.

Further, the solutions also aim at facilitating discussion and agreements on practical actions and solutions that will help to drive Africa’s food security efforts and better livelihoods for all.

The leaders and delegates who attended the meeting agreed that Recovery is the priority.

To achieve recovery, the leaders agreed to roll out existing innovations, such as better varieties of staple crops and seeds that are resistant to extreme climate conditions and susceptible pests.

At the same time, the AGRF 2023resolved to regenerate. With over a half of Africa’s land already degraded, the leaders committed to science and innovation to help restore natural resources while supporting agricultural productivity.

Additionally, they agreed that African food summit needs urgent, evidence-based action that will help to accelerate the transformation of food systems.

Moreover, the leaders vowed to act with the urgency that is commensurate to the challenges at hand.

Currently, Africa is expected to feed about 2.5 billion people by 2050 while simultaneously contending with increasingly adverse growing conditions.

Transforming food systems by recovering, regenerating and action to reduce hunger and poverty in Africa means addressing the challenge of a surging population with diminishing resources.