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Africa’s 5 Most Dangerous Countries – Report 

Africa's 5 Most Dangerous Countries - Report 

Africa has the most countries in a recently report ranking of the 30 World’s most dangerous countries.

According to Insider Monkey– a US-based finance website, Africa has 16 countries in the ranking- points out the major security concerns facing the continent.

Whilst external factors such as invasion and attacks contributed to the ranking, the report explains that internal factors such as homicide and crime rate played a significant role in the analysis of how dangerous a country is.

Insider Monkey noted that the criteria considered a country’s global peace index, Global Terrorism Index, and the average homicide rate of each country from 2006 to 2021.

This article delves into the ranking to review the five most dangerous countries on the continent.

Nigeria among most dangerous countries

In what could be a somewhat surprise to many, the report ranked Nigeria as the most dangerous country.

The largest economy in Africa, as per the report, ranks position 8 in the Global Terrorism Index which when combined with its Global Peace Index rating (18) qualified it as the most dangerous country.

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Despite its economic prowess, vast parts of the most populous country in Africa are still synonymous with frequent terror activities led by Boko Haram.

What’s more, the report highlighted major criminal activities such as homicide as key factors to the alarming ranking, despite evidence that such crimes have declined in recent years.

Democratic Republic of the Congo 

The DRC also ranked high on the list with the analysis showing that the mineral-rich nation has a Global Terrorism Index Ranking of 14 and a Global Peace Index Ranking of 6 to occupy the second spot on the list.

DRC’s Homicide rate per capita, as per the report is 32 hence pushing the country to the peak of the world’s most dangerous countries.


Mali, a country with a history of military coups and part of the Sahel region countries in what is now referred to as the “Coup Belt”, is the third most dangerous country in Africa (and the world) as per the report. 

According to the report, Malian citizens continue to bear the brunt of terrorism stemming from the rise of Islamist groups.

Despite previous interventions, organized groups continue to wreak havoc in a country grappling with political instability occasioned by the now rampant coup D’etats.

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Coming in fourth on the list is Somalia, a country located in the region referred to as the “Horn of Africa”.

It was ranked at position five globally with the unabated terrorism from Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Shabab being among the factors.

Currently, Somalia is third in terms of the  Terrorism Index Ranking and has a Homicide rate per capita of 88.

Frequent bombings and terror interruption have defined the country’s security situation for decades now and not even efforts from the African Union could put an end to the alarming trend.


Chad, another nation in the Sahel “Coup Belt” region, wraps up the list of five most dangerous countries on the continent after having emerged at position 8 globally.

The report cited sustained cases of violence and crime and the recent death of its former President Idriss Deby in uncertain circumstances in 2021 as the leading factors.

Other African nations on the list include South Africa (30th), Kenya (25th), Ethiopia (19th), and Mozambique (26th)- which had an alarming rate of homicide.

In terms of the effect on the economies, the report stated that violence and high crime rates have remained to be impediments to attracting investors and exuding confidence among tourists.

“Where crimes are high, tourism numbers will always be impacted,” the report read in part. 

“This is why if you look at the most visited countries in the world, you will notice how most of the countries in the list are incredibly safe where tourists don’t have to worry while visiting.”

The report further points out that the lack of enough checks and balances as well as poverty levels in the named countries are the leading factors in the degree of danger.