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Africa Financial Industry Summit 2023 Kicks off in Lomé, Togo

The Africa Financial Industry Summit (AFIS) 2023 kicked off on, Wednesday, November 15th 2023,  in Lome, Togo. 

The Jeune Afrique media group hosts the two-day summit, in partnership with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC).

AFIS rewards companies and individuals who have made significant contributions in advancing the African financial sector.

Additionally, it stimulates dialogue between governments, regulators, and financial leaders, for instance banks, insurance companies, mobile money and fintech.

The 2023 AFIS Awards presented are:

  1. African Champion

“The AFIS African Champion Award” dedicates itself to promoting economic integration on the continent. It recognizes the African financial group that has excelled in its regional expansion strategy and has significantly increased its presence and activity on the continent. 

2. Disrupter of the Year

This award  is dedicated to innovation on the continent. 

It recognizes a young company that has demonstrated resilience in these complex times and whose innovation represents a market disruption. 

3. Woman Leader

This award highlights female leaders in the financial sector who are active in both the public and private spheres. 

It also recognizes the woman leader who has a significant impact through the excellence of her career, the scope of her responsibilities and her commitment to promoting financial inclusion.   

4. Innovative Deal of the Year

African investment players receive this trophy.

It recognizes a large-scale financial operation that stands out for its structuring, strategic dimension and societal impact. 

5. Central Bank Governor

This award recognizes the role of governors in continental economic development. 

It acknowledges the African central bank governor who has successfully managed inflation and exchange rates. 

Furthermore, it highlights how the continent recognizes his influence and leadership.

Jeune Afrique Media Group and the Africa CEO Forum are the founders of AFIS.

It is committed to contributing to the success of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which should accelerate the integration and growth of Africa’s financial sector.