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Kathy  Public Relations | Brand Strategist

Kathy is the founder of Emerging Brand Africa (EmBA), a PR Firm born out of love and passion for Brands; specifically African owned! Helping small to medium businesses thrive while also, showcasing the diverse talent that exists among our African community here in Australia.

Kathy brings a wealth of experience in Marketing and Communication from Corporate, in the digital Media Broadcast industry. She also has an MBA and a Bachelors degree in Communications (Public Relations)

Some of the key things that fire up Kathy’s heart:

  • Telling and showing our African Brand stories brings me so much joy and its for this reason that #EmBA exist!
  • To help you better understand the importance of embracing Multicultural brands
  • To help you build your Brand, manage and pivot like all progressive brands do
  • To link non- African businesses with the African markets through our association with other trade organizations


  • To Inspire our future generation, help them see what’s possible through learned experiences of some of the most generous humans doing amazing stuff in the World, Professional leaders and Entrepreneurs . We are very privileged to know and work with these trail blazers across different industries.


Do You have a story you would like to share, product or service that the world needs? We’d love to partner with you!

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