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9th Agritec Africa International Exhibition Kicks off in Nairobi Kenya

The 9th Edition of the Agritec Africa International Exhibition and Conference on Agriculture Technology has officially commenced at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi Kenya. 

The event is scheduled to run from June 12th to 14th, 2024. The exhibition has brought together over 100 companies from 25 countries to showcase the latest innovations and technological advancements in the agricultural sector.

This year’s theme is “Improving Farmers’ Income Through Innovation and Technology.” It emphasizes the role of innovation in addressing the challenges faced by the agricultural sector. 

The event also aims to highlight how technological advancements can enhance productivity and profitability for farmers across Africa.

Additionally, an International Conference on Agriculture is being held in conjunction with the exhibition, which features industry presentations and discussions. 

This conference focuses on the diverse agricultural segments across different regions. It also includes keynote speakers who will provide valuable insights into the industry. 

Attendees have the opportunity to engage with experts and gain knowledge on the latest trends and practices in agriculture.

A significant number of visitors, including farmers, dairy farmers, dealers and distributors, importers, and government officials, are attending the exhibition. 

The concurrent events, the 9th Dairy Livestock & Poultry Expo Africa and the 4th Graintech Africa Expo, also enrich the exhibition. They are bringing together companies from the dairy, poultry, livestock, and grain sectors.

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Innovating Agriculture for Sustainable Growth

Africa has great potential for agricultural growth. It has ample land and water resources, yet this potential is underutilized. 

Despite employing 65% of the labor force, Africa’s agricultural productivity is low. The agriculture sector makes up 32% of Africa’s GDP. To grow, Africa must improve agricultural markets, productivity, and public infrastructure.

Kenya’s agriculture sector contributed 34.15% to the GDP in 2019. This makes Kenya a prime location for the exhibition. 

Agriculture greatly influences Kenya’s economic performance. High economic growth often links to increased agricultural productivity. Kenya produces tea, coffee, sugar, horticulture, floriculture, cotton, and macadamia nuts. These crops impact Africa’s economy.

Despite being important, less than 8% of Kenya’s land is used for farming. Less than 20% of the land is suitable for cultivation. However, Kenya leads in tea and coffee production. It is the third-largest exporter of fresh produce like cabbage, onions, and mangoes. Small farms produce corn, potatoes, beans, and peas.

Kenya aims to be globally competitive and prosperous by 2030. Events like the Agritec Africa International Exhibition help achieve this. 

By fostering innovation and technology in agriculture, Kenya can boost productivity. This ensures sustainable growth for farmers and the economy.